Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Lonely, by Tara Brown: Blog Tour!

We are so excited to be a part of this blog tour for Tara Brown! She is one of my favorite authors and this book is fantastic! Make sure you check it out!

The Lonely
The truth is subjective to what the lonely lets in.
Emalyn Spicer has lived with it for a long time. She thinks it goes back further than her memories do. She knows it goes back further than the OCD.
When she arrives at college, her OCD's and the lonely refuse to let her have her wish to be normal.
When she meets Sebastian and starts to fall for him, she lets herself believe it's possible to outrun the things chasing her from the past. But how to you get away from the things inside of you? How do you run from yourself?
Just as she gives up and succumbs to the lonely, the unthinkable happens. She finds herself once again trapped in the dark, once again held against her will.
This time she meets the lonely head on. In the darkest corners of her mind, she discovers there is more to her world than she ever imagined. She discovers that the lonely was there for her, protecting her from herself and her secrets.
How far would you go to find yourself?
This is a dark and captivating novel, tread lightly
Don't forget to check out the companion novel due out in the summer of 2013, The Lost Boy. Maybe that'll help you sort out the things you have leftover from the story...

This book is rated 19+ due to extreme sexual and language content!

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First off, I already knew Tara Brown was epic. Seriously epic. Her books are always amazing. But THIS one?!? OMG! This was completely different than her other books. I was beyond blown away.

Em has been suffering her whole life from the lonely. That, and the crippling OCD. Combine the two? Yea, her life has been a mess of problems. She's off to college for the first time, hoping, praying, that the lonely doesn't overtake her. She just wants to be normal. Her best friend is there with her, helping her adjust, and pushing her towards overcoming her issues.

When she meets Sebastian, it's like someone finally understands her. He's hot (OMG HOT!) and doesn't let her minor freak outs bother him. He's one of those guys who is just awesome in his own right. But there's a problem: Em is still seriously messed up. And she doesn't think she can ever get close to him. :(

When she gets pulled back into that dark, dank hole, where the lonely is king, things start to go haywire. I seriously won't say anything else about it though. Other than to tell you that there are some dark moments in this book. And some rather kinky moments as well. But that's what makes it real. This is the nitty gritty and once you've read this book, you'll have a completely different outlook on life. Or, I did.

I have to say, I felt an immediate connection to Em. I have suffered from OCD for most of my life, and I know how problematic it can be. Tara Brown hit the nail on the head with this character. I felt like I could really relate to her on a personal basis. So, thank you Tara Brown. Thank you for creating a character who's just as messed up (well, she's wayyy more messed up then me) and neurotic as the rest of us. If you're looking for an EPIC book, grab this one. You'll be begging for more by the end.

About the Author:
I am not going to talk in the third person. It feels weird.
I am a Canadian author of Paranormal Romance, Post Apocalyptic and Fantasy novels. Mostly because I think I have Writers ADD, I like to call it WADD. It might be a real thing.
I write New Adult, my books have sexual content (Heck yes) and Swearing. You have been warned. Now enjoy!
I have a beagle named Buster, a husband who I force to read everything I write and two girls who want so badly to be a character in my books. And not in that order.
I am mid thirties so be prepared for the chick lit novel this year. I am calling it my Ode to my Midlife Crisis.
I have been writing since I was old enough to lie. So for some time.
Welcome to my world. Please enjoy the ride.

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