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Interview with Christy Sloat, author of Ianni!

Our interview with Christy Sloat, the author of the novella Ianni, the newest part of the Past Lives Series!

R&M: Where did you get your inspiration for the Past Lives series?

Christy: I read a lot of Sylvia Browne books and she explains past lives in such a way I thought to myself, “It feels like it has to be true.” Then I got to thinking, what if we could be with the same person over and over again. Then became Landon and Avery.

R&M: Do you, personally, believe in the possibility of past lives?

Christy: Yes I do. I sometimes feel such a connection to another place and time in history. Mostly the 20’s and 30’s. So much that I know in my heart I lived it once. It makes sense to me that we can possibly live again and try to make our lives the best for our souls.  The only thing that hurts to think of is that I may have loved another soul as a husband or had other children.

R&M: How did you come up with the character of Ianni?

Christy: I needed a Spirit Guide for Avery, someone caring and compassionate. I knew what she would look like, but I had to come up with an original name. I didn’t think someone named, Nancy, would be a guide. So one day while driving to the store I saw the name, Ianni, on someone’s mailbox and I went with it. Now it’s so fitting to me for her.

R&M: Is anything in Ianni based on your real life experiences, or is it all purely imagination?

Christy: My grandmother was caring and helpful like Ianni. I truly believe she watches over me constantly, like Ianni did Avery. So when I feel my grandmother near I think of Ianni. My grandmother has been gone for 7 years now and not a day goes by that I don’t think she is with me.

R&M: What was your favorite part to write?  Why was it your favorite?

Christy: I loved to write the decision of Ianni’s future by the council. I also enjoyed writing her adjusting to her human life. I think it was important for me to let her go as an angel as well. She was a special part of my book as a guide and I had to adjust to her being human now.

R&M: How do you balance your personal life with the life of a published author?

Christy: My life as an author doesn’t really affect my personal life. I think I am still very much the same outgoing person I have always been. I don’t try to walk around with the ‘I am an author I am special’ mentality. I am Christy, the funny, goofy, and caring girl. That will never change. But I do love to talk about books and writing. It’s still so unbelievable for me that I did this. I still have to live my life as mom and wife. Author comes last.

R&M: What is your interesting writing quirk, if any?

Christy: I have to have either complete silence or blaring music in my ears in order to be creative. I can’t work if my kids are awake. They must be in bed asleep or I am too distracted.

R&M: What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author?  What has been your best compliment?

Christy: I have had some tough criticism mostly that readers feel like I didn’t execute the book correctly or the way they hoped I would. I think that we all have our own ways we read and what we prefer to read. The sad thing is some reviewers just want to bash writers and that is terrible. I wrote my books for the readers and I think sometimes they just leave a bad review just to be cruel not to be helpful. That shocks me the most.
The best compliment is any review someone leaves that either can help my writing in the future or just to explain why they loved it. Once, someone compared Avery Snow to Bella Swan. That was pretty awesome. Really anyone that says, “I loved your books I am a fan” I love to hear that!

R&M: Who is your favorite author?

Christy: I have too many that I love to pick just one. I love Stephenie Meyer, J.K. Rowling, Aimee Carter, Josephine Angelini, and the list goes on and on.

R&M: Where do you see your writing career in five years?

Christy: I see a lot of future works. I hope I see myself on a best sellers list. One thing I know is I will not stop writing; I will only improve from here.

R&M: When is the next book in the Past Lives series coming out?

Christy: The next book is due out Winter of 2012. So that’s not too far away. The title is The Unraveling of Avery Snow.

 Christy Sloat is a Southern California native who now lives in New Jersey with her husband and two daughters. She believes that reading is a passion and it should be embraced. If she is not reading or writing she is cooking or spending quality time with her children. She believes in past lives and love that can last lifetimes. She is huge Stephenie Meyer and J.K. Rowling fan. Some of her favorite vacation spots are Maine, Massachusetts and California.

Amazon Author Page: Amazon US
Buy Links:
The Many Lives of Avery Snow
The Brown House
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The Many Lives of Avery Snow
The Brown House
The Many Lives of Avery Snow
The Brown House
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Review of Christy Sloat's Novella Ianni

I read The Many Lives of Avery Snow recently and fell in love.  So when I heard that Christy Sloat was releasing a novella that would pick up where The Many Lives of Avery Snow left off I was ecstatic, to the point that I contacted Christy to find out when the novella would be released.  To my delight she allowed me the honor of receiving the novella before the release, which, incidentally, is today.  I had my excited moment and then dived into Ianni, who for those of you who haven’t read the first novel (and you really should) is Avery’s Spirit Guide, an angel who attempts to provide usually unseen assistance to their charges. 

Well, Ianni has already violated many of the laws that are set forth for Spirit Guides in The Many Lives of Avery Snow, but the when she violates the strictest of those rules, well, it’s not good.  At the beginning of Ianni we are in attendance at her sentencing.  Ianni is to be held accountable for her actions, actions that she deemed were necessary to protect Avery.  Though she does not regret what she did, she is still fearful of what is to happen.  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how one looks at it, she is to be cast from Heaven. 

I honestly wish that I could tell you more, but if I did, then there would be little reason for you to read it yourself.  Suffice to say the rest of the novella is dedicated to Ianni learning to live like a human here on earth, where she still has the chance to protect Avery.  There are a lot of adjustments for Ianni to make, and I felt her pain and understood her struggle as she tries to come to terms with all that has taken place.

Get a copy of Ianni today and be transported into the world of Spirit Guides, human eccentricities, and the darkness that threatens to take them all.  It is a trip worth taking into the imaginative world of Christy Sloat!  Happy Reading! 

 Christy Sloat is a Southern California native who now lives in New Jersey with her husband and two daughters. She believes that reading is a passion and it should be embraced. If she is not reading or writing she is cooking or spending quality time with her children. She believes in past lives and love that can last lifetimes. She is huge Stephenie Meyer and J.K. Rowling fan. Some of her favorite vacation spots are Maine, Massachusetts and California.

Find her on her Blog, Facebook: Christy Sloat Author Twitter:
Amazon Author Page: Christy Sloat- Amazon

You can purchase Ianni on Amazon!!!

Grand Prize!! (Not Shown: One of a Kind Ianni Postcard and E-Copy of Ianni)


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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Interview with the Fabulous Rionna Morgan

The Wanting Heart, released, July 9, 2012 by Crimson Romance.

“The Wanting Heart is a sexy, intriguing, modern-day western romance.  A fun summer read.”  -- Kat Martin, New York Times Best Selling Author

Katherine White, a barrel racer from Colorado, lives in a fast-paced world where rhinestones shine, hooves pound, and dreams come true.  She plans on winning World Champion Barrel Racer and being with her friends until she graduates from college.  
She doesn’t plan on the man who broke her heart strolling back into her life.  She doesn’t plan on finding solace in a charming stranger’s smile or falling victim to his knife.  
Blake Spencer, the man who broke her heart, is all cowboy—from the hat on his head to the dust on his boots. He thought it’d be easy, coming back to town, bowing his head a little, saying he was sorry, and all would be forgiven.  But what he didn’t know, what he didn’t plan on, was that the girl he thought he loved had become the woman he couldn’t have. If he doesn’t succeed in changing her mind, it won’t only cost him Kate’s love—it will cost Kate her life.
Will Kate survive the stalking of a serial killer and find what her heart truly wants?

Hi Rionna and welcome to our blog!! We are so pleased to have you with us today! 

Thank you for having me.

Let’s start off easy:  Where are you from?

I am from Missoula, Montana.  In my heart and in my soul, I am a Montanan.  It is a beautiful state with amazing, courageous people.  However, I was born in North Carolina: the daughter of an Army man and his lovely wife. 

It sounds absolutely amazing there!  It must be completely different from North Carolina.  So, what book are you reading now? 

I am reading a book entitled Killing Casanova by Traci McDonald.  She is a new writer.  She is blind, but man can she write!  Her scenes are just beautiful.

Wow!  We are going to have to add that one to our reading list.  We love books with well-written scenes, and of course characters.  When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I think I’ve pretty much known forever!  My mom, the lovely wife I mentioned before, was an avid reader and writer herself.  She was a poet and a storyteller.  I so wanted to be like her.  Before I could even write I would draw loops and circles in notebooks imagining all manner of things for my scribbles.  Soon those child scrawls turned to words and my stories grew.  I hope they always continue to do so.
A born writer and it is evident in your book!  It’s great that the love was passed down from the generations.  On the topic of writing, what was the hardest part of writing your book?

The Wanting Heart is my first novel.  I’ve written poetry and short stories for a very long time—since middle school.  I helped pay my way through college by winning writing contests.  But, The Wanting Heart was my first big project.  It has morphed from a simple, sweet story that really was completely different from the strong barrel racer, her sexy cowboy and the serial killer who nearly rips them apart.

Finding the true story in the recesses of my imagination was definitely a struggle, but an amazing one!

We are so happy that the story found its way to the page because we were absolutely blown away!  What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I see the book in my head like a movie.  I get flashes of scenes.  Or I get a single flash of a scene and build an entire book around it.  My next book, Judge Thyself First, set to be released November 12th is built around a single scene—a fire at an Alabama women’s prison.

Sounds like another exciting book!  We can’t wait for it to be released so we can read that one as well.  What do you like to do when you're not writing?

My husband and I have four children together.  Their ages range from 19 years old to 22 months.  I love being a mom!  I love to cook and bake for them.  My chocolate chips cookies are kind of famous in this house.  I also love photography and sewing.  I’m always taking a picture and making something.  And I love to read!!  When I’m in the groove, I generally read a book a day. 
Chocolate chip cookies, you say?  We would love to try your famous cookies.  We bet your kids are in heaven in your home!  What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

It’s harder than it looks and easier than it seems.  Harder, because of the amount of work there is.  Research, interviews, writing, re-writing, editing etc… Easier, because I love it.  I love doing research, interviews, meeting new people and putting myself in their shoes.  In a way, I get to be all things.  Anything my imagination dreams up.  The writing, the re-writing and even the editing is an amazing process.  Getting the words on the page to match what I see in my head is such a great, fulfilling feeling.  Then sharing that work with my readers and have them talk with me about how much they enjoyed this scene or that scene.  I am just giddy.  And I didn’t expect that. 
 We can certainly agree that your scenes within The Wanting Heart were breathtaking.  That is a vital part of a good story for us.  What do you think makes a good story?

For me a good story is one I can connect with.  I can easily believe and live for a time in the life of the hero or heroine.  I can ache and cry when things are going badly.  I can laugh and celebrate when things are going well.  Most, of all though, a good story is one that lasts beyond the final word.  It stays with me, and I even miss the characters and the life I lived with them. 

The most amazing feeling, for us, is also being able to connect, which is why we enjoyed your book so much!  Well, that’s all the time we have for today.  Thank you, Rionna, for stopping by for a chat and for sharing your world with us.  We hope to see you again very soon and we will be watching out for the release of your next book!  Thank you again!

Everyone, let's thank Rionna for being here with us the past three days!  She has been absolutely amazing!  While you're here, make sure you enter her giveaway through the rafflecopter at the bottom!  Thanks for joining us!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Character Interview, The Wanting Heart, by Rionna Morgan

The hero of The Wanting Heart is a sexy, strong cowboy named Blake Spencer.  He is here with us today, talking about himself, his great love and his hero. 

What is your greatest weakness?

Blake:  My greatest weakness is Kate.  She’s so smart and clever.  And beautiful.  Man, she’s worse than a rodeo bronc when it comes to stealing my breath.

Who is your hero?

Blake:  My grandpa.  He’s a true American cowboy.  He grew up on the range, chasing cows and mending fences.  He loves my grandma so very much.  He is who I want to grow to be.

What bothers you most about the heroine?

Blake:  Kate is stubborn.  She only likes to do things her own way.  She doesn’t         listen to me, even if I think she’s going to be in danger.

What would you change about yourself?

Blake:  Years ago, when Kate needed me the most, I walked away from her.  The tears on her face tore at me.  I didn’t know what to do.  If I could back, I never would have left.

What word would you use to describe your mother?

Blake:  I don’t really know my mother.  It’s my grandmother who raised me.  She’s AMAZING!

Well, we want to take the time to thank Rionna and Blake for dropping by today.  It was nice getting to know you both!
Please stick around and check out the review for The Wanting Heart, plus check out the bonus excerpt from the book AND enter to win Rionna’s fabulous giveaway!  Thanks for coming by and happy reading!

“It’s late, Blake.  I’m tired.” Kate said.
“Not too tired to be kissing that city feller.”  Blake could’ve kicked himself.  He wanted to talk to her not fight.
“That’s none of your business.  You have no right to be spying on me.”
“I wasn’t spying.  I was watching Cathy.”
Kate stepped into the full light.  “Well, you should have taken her home and been on your way!”
Seeing dark circles beneath Kate’s eyes, Blake studied her.  He saw sadness and fatigue.  “Jesus, Kate.  Did you drive home last night?  Have you even been home?”
“What do you care?”
Blake grabbed her arms.  “Are you trying to kill yourself?”
“No.  I’m living my life.”
“I’ll tell you what you’re doing.  You’re going home and going to bed.”
“Don’t use that range boss voice on me.  You have no right.”
Blake couldn’t listen to another word.  Holding her body, even in anger, was too much for him.  Her words were crushed against her mouth as his lips covered hers.  He lifted her off her feet, molding her body to his.  She’d been nineteen the last time he kissed her.  Her body had grown and filled out since then.  But, he wasn’t thinking of that.  He wasn’t thinking of anything, but how damn good it felt to just hold her, kiss her.  Begging for her surrender, he stroked his hands over her hips, up her back and fisted them in her hair.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Review of Rionna Morgan's The Wanting Heart

I just read Rionna Morgan’s novel, The Wanting Heart, and enjoyed it thoroughly.  One never really knows what you are going to get when you venture into the world of romance, as everyone defines it in different terms.  This to me was a great example of a love story in which the characters must work through internal and external issues in order to come together. 

The heroine of The Wanting Heart goes by Kate and she loves rodeo.  She also loves Blake, but due to some issues from their past, is not really speaking to him.  In order to try to move on after seeing Blake for the first time in years, she starts dating another man; this one is the exact opposite of cowboy Blake.  All the while there is a serial killer stalking women and killing them in a unique way, in various parts of the country.  Kate’s friends have a feeling that something is amiss with her new amour, and are especially uncomfortable with some of the locations he takes Kate to on their dates. 

Unfortunately for Kate, her world is about to come crashing down around her, and not for the first time in her life.  After being brutally attacked and surviving, she, with Blake and her band of loyal friends band together to prevent the psychotic killer from taking anyone else. 

The action in this book stole my breath.  I was left in suspense as to how this group would manage to survive the targeting of this madman.  I found myself rooting for Kate and Blake, hoping and praying that they would find a way to work out their past, and be together. 

So, will the killer be brought to justice?  Will Kate get the man of her dreams?  These questions and more will only be answered when you get your very own copy and find out for yourself.  For those of you who enjoy a good love story, with a little suspense thrown in, The Wanting Heart comes with a high recommendation.  It left me with a special type of warm fuzzy that only really good love stories can do. 

I recommend that everyone read The Wanting Heart as the love story captured within its pages will not leave you wanting!  Happy Reading! 

Author Bio:

Growing up out West, Rionna Morgan followed her love of horses to the rodeo arena and her love of English to the classroom and to writing.  She has been looking forward to sharing her stories with you her whole life.  Rionna is a founding member of Montana Romance Writers; she reads as much as she can possibly hold, and she loves most of all combining the chilling edge of a knife with the sweet surrender of romance. Rionna shares her home in Missoula, Montana with her husband, her four children and the mountains outside her window. Please be invited to stop by loves the company.

Stalker Links:                                                                    Buy Links:

Rionna's Website                                                             Amazon US

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R&M's Interview with the Wonderful S.L. Wallace!

Today we took the time to sit down and chat with S.L.Wallace, the author of Price of a Bounty and Canvas Skies to find out more about this amazing author!

R&M:  Thank you for being with us today!

S.L.: Thank you for having me!

R&M: So, inquiring minds want to know, as a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

S.L.:  I've always loved animals, so of course I wanted to be a vet. When I was in 8th grade, we were given an assignment: read a biography about a person in a career of our choice and write a report about it. I don't remember the name of the veterinarian I chose to read about, but I do remember she was a woman who worked primarily with horses.

My parents have always been supportive of my education and my choices in life. When I was 11, they hooked me up with a friend who boarded horses. Her daughter taught me how to care for and ride them. At age 12, when I was given the biography assignment, they drove me out to another friend's farm on a day the vet was scheduled to visit. I remember watching her examine a pregnant cow. It was most unpleasant. I also interviewed her. That was the day I decided I did not want to become a vet after all. Becoming a vet would have required a lot of science classes, not my strong suit, and a great many hours cleaning up after sick animals, yuck! Plus, the vet informed me that most animals fear the vet, and I've always wanted animals to trust me.

That experience has stayed with me as has the ending of this story. I was supposed to write a report. One Sunday morning, my mom asked me if I had completed all my homework for the next day. I casually replied that I had to finish that report for English class. My mom was appalled to learn that I had not begun the paper. I tried to explain that I'd finished the book weeks ago and had plenty of note cards. Writing the paper would be easy! I couldn't understand why she was so upset with me. I realize now that her extreme reaction was likely due to how much time she had invested in helping me explore my dream job. I was immediately sent to my room and told not to come out until the paper was finished.

R&M:  It’s fantastic when parents support their kids, no matter how many times they may change their minds!  At what point did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

S.L.:  I've always been a writer and a storyteller. My paternal grandmother was a talented storyteller, and I aspire to be like her. I just never wanted to be published until recently.

R&M: So it runs in the blood!  That’s great!  Tell us, what books have most influenced your life?

S.L.:  The books that have most influenced my life are the ones that have gotten me to reflect on society, books such as: 1984, Black Like Me, Fahrenheit 451 and my favorite of all time, To Kill a Mockingbird. I also read plenty of books for fun.

R&M:  Those are definitely some really awesome books, though we remember reading them for school to be honest!  So, what would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

S.L.:  My best writing occurs at coffee houses with a variety of upbeat tunes playing in the background.

R&M:  We don’t blame you for that!  We live by coffee and coffeehouses are the best.  Can you tell us where you get your information or ideas for your books?

S.L.:  I'd have to say that my ideas and information come from society at large. It's no secret that my idea for the Reliance on Citizens trilogy came from a dream. I rarely remember my dreams, but when I do, they're usually my subconscious rehashing events from my life or working through problems in my life. One morning, I woke from a very different sort of dream. This one made me think, “Cool! I'd watch that if it were a movie.” Then I got up and began to get ready for work. About the time I should have been realizing how lame a dream it had actually been, I was surprised to find myself still thinking, “Yeah, I'd definitely watch that!” I hurried into work and turned on the computer. Then, before checking my work email, I quickly typed up everything I could remember from my dream: the setting, the characters, what I inherently knew about their situation. When my assistant arrived I was so excited. I said, “You know, I think I'm going to write a book!” A few weeks later, all hell broke loose in our state government. I'm a teacher and our state governor decided to bust public unions. I went to a gathering and heard a statistic about how much money a few wealthy people have versus how much the rest of us have. My immediate thought was, “Oh wow, we're living in my novel!” Well, after that, I simply had to publish it!

R&M:  That had to have been an odd feeling to realize the parallels between reality and your novel.  Just out of curiosity, when did you write your first book?

S.L.:  I began writing Price of a Bounty in late January 2011, finished it by early June and published it that August.

R&M: WOW!  That was quick!  So, what do you like to do when you're not writing?

S.L.:  When I'm not at work and not writing, editing, formatting or promoting, I love to hang out with my husband and daughter, watch TV series or movies, spend time hanging out with friends, play volleyball and read. If I could afford it, I'd go to the theater more often and travel.

R&M:  Sounds like a lot of fun!  Do you hear from your readers much and what kinds of things do they say?

S.L.:  Occasionally, I do hear from readers. Many tell me they've finished one book and want to read the next, or they tell me to hurry up and finish the trilogy. I've also been asked where people can order advance copies. You can't, but I post updates on FB, Twitter and on my blog.

R&M:  Okay everyone you heard it, check out the stalker links to find out when the next book will be released!  S.L., do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

S.L.:  Like my protagonists, be yourself, think for yourself, be true to yourself. Don't follow a group mentality. Stand up for what you believe is right.

R&M:  Wise words to live by!  Well, we want to thank you for talking with us!  We wish you much success, as we believe that it is coming soon!  Two fantastic books, and a third on the way, which we cannot wait to read!  Thank you again!

S.L.:  Thank you for having me and for your kind words.  It has been a pleasure ladies!

R&M:  Well folks, you have now met the fantastic S.L.Wallace!  We hope that you enjoyed getting to know her as much as we have!  Make sure to pick up a copy of both books as they are well worth it!  Also, do not forget to enter the giveaway, as you might walk away with a copy of each book, plus a copy of Heart of Humanity upon release!  Thank you for stopping by!

S.L. Wallace is a teacher and life long writer who is a descendant of the famous William Wallace. Like him, she believes in freedom and independence. Unlike him, she fights her battles with the pen, most recently taking a political stand against recent changes in government at the local and state levels.

The Reliance on Citizens trilogy is her first published series.
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Review of Canvas Skies by Author S.L. Wallace!

Well, let me say, I thought that Price of A Bounty was fantastic and that there was no way that the greatness could continue.  Boy, was I wrong, and I am glad that I was.  Canvas Skies by S.L. Wallace, the second book in the Reliance on Citizens Makes Us Great trilogy is yet another knock-out by an up and coming author. 

Canvas Skies picks up where the first book left off, continuing the story of Keira, April, Scott, and Richard, plus a few other characters in the mix.  April, now Aimee LaFleur, struggles to deal with all that has happened to her while she makes some difficult decisions in regards to her life.  Keira or Kendra, must choose between the life that she has lived and the future with the man of her dreams.  Scott and Richard too have their decisions to make, with one wrong slip-up potentially costing someone their life.  Interwoven between the lives and loves of this enigmatic group is government corruption and the ever present Divide. 

The way that Wallace conveys her story is a method that many have tried and failed, but she does it, and does it very well.  We as readers have the unique perspective of seeing the story unfold through the eyes of various characters.  Their stories weave a web where each backtracks and overlaps, but does so in such a streamlined fashion, that the reader has no trouble switching back forth between the various people.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic mix of sci-fi, suspense, politics, and a little romance thrown in. 

As mentioned by my partner in her review of book one, the blurb on Amazon does not do this novel justice.  Well written and action packed, it kept me guessing until the end.  I cannot wait for the next installment in this trilogy, and will be a little sad to see it end.   Wonderful things await this talented author, and you would be doing yourself a disservice to not pick up a copy of not only Canvas Skies but also Price of a Bounty.  If I were to hazard a rating for this book, I would give it not just 5 stars but 5 and half, and yes it is just that good.  

You can buy Canvas Skies at: Amazon 

S.L. Wallace is a teacher and life-long writer who is a descendant of the famous William Wallace. Like him, she believes in freedom and independence. Unlike him, she fights her battles with the pen, most recently taking a political stand against recent changes in government at the local and state levels.

The Reliance on Citizens trilogy is her first published series.

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