Thursday, August 16, 2012

Interview with Sonora and Luke from Golden!

R&M:  Thank you both for joining us today!  We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you both in Monika’s book.  This is quite an honor for us to be here with you today.
Sonora: Thanks.
Luke: It’s nice to meet you, too.
R&M:  I have to ask you, Sonora, how are you handling life right now?  With all the betrayals and death surrounding you recently, it had to have been hard.
Sonora: I’ve had better days.
Luke: At least you’re alive.
Sonora: True.
R&M: My next question is for you, Luke.  We learned quite a bit about your ties to Freeman in Golden, but we wanted to know, for our reader’s sake, more about how this happened and what it felt like for you. 
Luke: Freeman tricked me, giving me a sealed bottle of Coke. As for the feeling…I didn’t have any choices and when I tried to exert my freewill, it physically hurt. I felt like I was in a constant dream-state, well more like a nightmare until I found ways around out.
Sonora: Loopholes.
R&M:  Sonora, how are you feeling now that you have a “mother” again?  It must be hard to deal with, finding out that Mariah wasn’t your birth mother after living your whole life thinking she was.
Sonora: I guess so. I haven’t had time to process everything that has happened, including meeting Jessabelle.
R&M:  According to your mother, you were meant to end up with Ian, Luke’s brother.  Considering your feelings for Luke, does this cause a strain between you and your mother?  Is there a strain between you, Luke, and your brother? 
Sonora: I don’t really know my mom so the strain isn’t from Ian.
Luke: There’s always been strain between me and Ian. Sonora is just one tiny bit of our issues.
R&M:  Have either of you been back to the shadow realm since you last left? 
Luke: No.
Sonora: And we can’t say anymore, because it will spoil the next book for you.
R&M:  We, the readers, are left with a major cliff hanger at the end of Golden!  We have to know if you two are officially an item.  Is there a future for you? 
Sonora: I’d like to think so…
Luke: But Sameron is coming for her. Ian and Priscille are fighting over what to do. Right now, romance isn’t on either of our minds.
R&M:  We have one last question for you both:  when will we get to learn more about what happens next?  We’re clamoring for more and feel such a kinship with you both that it’s hard to wait to find out what happens next for you.
Luke: Monika won’t be able to publish the next book in the trilogy until the end of August 2013. She will have updates and little stories starting in December on her blog
R&M:  Thank you both so much for taking the time to sit down with us for this interview.  We realize that it must be very dangerous for you to be in public so openly.  Again, thank you and we look forward to meeting with you again! 
Sonora: Thanks. 

Monika Pardon grew up, the youngest of six children, in southern Maine. As a child, she constantly made up stories that entertained her family. As she grew up, she never grew out of her imagination or her fondness for story-telling. She eventually went on to college and graduated from the University of Michigan in 2006. Today she lives near Portland, happily writing her stories and reading anything entertaining that she can get her hands on. Golden is her Young Adult debut novel.         
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