Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Character Interview, The Wanting Heart, by Rionna Morgan

The hero of The Wanting Heart is a sexy, strong cowboy named Blake Spencer.  He is here with us today, talking about himself, his great love and his hero. 

What is your greatest weakness?

Blake:  My greatest weakness is Kate.  She’s so smart and clever.  And beautiful.  Man, she’s worse than a rodeo bronc when it comes to stealing my breath.

Who is your hero?

Blake:  My grandpa.  He’s a true American cowboy.  He grew up on the range, chasing cows and mending fences.  He loves my grandma so very much.  He is who I want to grow to be.

What bothers you most about the heroine?

Blake:  Kate is stubborn.  She only likes to do things her own way.  She doesn’t         listen to me, even if I think she’s going to be in danger.

What would you change about yourself?

Blake:  Years ago, when Kate needed me the most, I walked away from her.  The tears on her face tore at me.  I didn’t know what to do.  If I could back, I never would have left.

What word would you use to describe your mother?

Blake:  I don’t really know my mother.  It’s my grandmother who raised me.  She’s AMAZING!

Well, we want to take the time to thank Rionna and Blake for dropping by today.  It was nice getting to know you both!
Please stick around and check out the review for The Wanting Heart, plus check out the bonus excerpt from the book AND enter to win Rionna’s fabulous giveaway!  Thanks for coming by and happy reading!

“It’s late, Blake.  I’m tired.” Kate said.
“Not too tired to be kissing that city feller.”  Blake could’ve kicked himself.  He wanted to talk to her not fight.
“That’s none of your business.  You have no right to be spying on me.”
“I wasn’t spying.  I was watching Cathy.”
Kate stepped into the full light.  “Well, you should have taken her home and been on your way!”
Seeing dark circles beneath Kate’s eyes, Blake studied her.  He saw sadness and fatigue.  “Jesus, Kate.  Did you drive home last night?  Have you even been home?”
“What do you care?”
Blake grabbed her arms.  “Are you trying to kill yourself?”
“No.  I’m living my life.”
“I’ll tell you what you’re doing.  You’re going home and going to bed.”
“Don’t use that range boss voice on me.  You have no right.”
Blake couldn’t listen to another word.  Holding her body, even in anger, was too much for him.  Her words were crushed against her mouth as his lips covered hers.  He lifted her off her feet, molding her body to his.  She’d been nineteen the last time he kissed her.  Her body had grown and filled out since then.  But, he wasn’t thinking of that.  He wasn’t thinking of anything, but how damn good it felt to just hold her, kiss her.  Begging for her surrender, he stroked his hands over her hips, up her back and fisted them in her hair.

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