Thursday, August 23, 2012

Interview with Rhycious and Patience from Remedy Maker by Sheri Fredricks

Hello and welcome... Tell us about yourself.
Hi Ruthi and MaryAnn! I’m Patience and...oops! Sorry, Stud Muffin likes to go first.

*Rhycious clears his throat. One corner of his mouth lifts and he extends a hand to shake.* Hello ladies. My name is Rhycious. Thank you for inviting us, it’s nice to meet you. I am the Royal Remedy Maker for Queen Savella and the Centaur kingdom. Though the fascist rebels try to spread their poisonous fire, I’ll do everything—

Babe? *Patience strokes Rhy’s shoulder in a long tender caress.* It’s totally hot that your passion explodes a shinedoozle on us mythics, but let’s keep it light. Okay, big guy? *Turns to Ruthi and MaryAnn.* He’s cool, and fully supports my decision to mediate for the Wood Nymph people. And now that I’m hanging the helpitude in his remedy maker office part-time, I’ve got a new appreciation for my fine Centaur man.

We guess we should say we're impressed.
*With a flick of his tail, Rhycious drapes his muscular arm around Patience’s shoulders.* Don’t be.

Is this because of something that happens in your story?
We do what we do because we love our kingdom. Let’s just state for the record that I’ve done some things that I’m not proud of. A lot of things. But—at least when I started out—I was doing them for good reason… or so I thought.

*Patience nods.* It was war, Rhy. You would’ve done ANYTHING to save your herd. Just like you saved me.
Sounds like you got yourselves into all kinds of things. Tell us, Rhycious. What were you saving Patience from?

At first I didn’t know. *Rhy rests a hind leg, and takes a deep breath in.* I didn’t understand her physiology, and couldn’t figure out why her illness spun out of control and hit at odd times. As it turns out, environmental pollution such as acid rain and mercury runoff had leached into the underground water — the aquifer — and was poisoning the taproot tree of her heart. The lives of Wood Nymphs are tied to a single tree. *He glances toward the door.* Ruthi, would you mind propping the door open? Thanks.

What did you do? Did you find a cure?

In a way, you could say that. But I was almost too late.

* Patience takes a step forward, but keeps a hold of Rhycious’ hand.* For years the healer of my people couldn’t pick the lock to my illnocity. When Stud Muffin diagnosed it, he worked with the Nymph spirit guide to have a procedure performification. My husband convinced me—maybe you could even use the words forced me—into doing the procedurelistic.

Sounds frightening, and I’m looking forward to reading more about it. Rhycious, you’ve done well for yourself in gaining recognition as the finest remedy maker on the east coast, if not the mythic world. You should be very proud of your accomplishments.

I didn’t get to this position without a lot of hard work. No one does. *Rhycious frowns and gazes around our interview studio. He’s looking at the exit signs, as if memorizing their locations.* And as far as catching rebels, I can play the old boy’s network game with the best of them. But I don’t think that’s something I should be proud of. It was something I was ordered to do. To work toward providing all mythologicals in Boronda with a safe forest in which to live. In many ways, the queen’s order gave me an excuse to avoid fighting my PTSD and inability to cure Patience.


Yes. After journeying down the same warpath for two hundred and fifty years, shit bottles up, you know? *Patience removes her hand from Rhy’s giant palm, and rubs his back in slow, easy circles.* Each memory, some from my teen years, stared at me from a life-threatening abyss. When Patience met me, I was a reclusive mess. All my focus was on surrounding medical issues. I wasn’t safe to be around.
Wow, what did you do?

That story is part of what the book is about. It would take me too long to explain it all here. I’ll just say that I reached out to the one woman who could help me. *Rhycious gazes into Patience’s eyes, and smiles.* I was desperate. I didn’t care how much it cost. And it ended up costing—well more than I ever realized. And I’m not talking about money. My royal position, other relationships—they were all on the line. *He wipes his forehead with the back of his hand, and Patience gives him a hug.*

You copasetic, big guy?

Yeah, I’m good…for now. Are we about through here, ladies?

We have just a few more questions. Do you need something to drink? Water, a soda?

*Rhy shakes his head and takes deep, even breaths.* No, thanks.

Patience, you are a very attractive young lady. Have you ever been involved with anyone else, or fallen in love before meeting your Centaur husband?

No, he’s my first…everything. I was driven to accomplish as much as possible in the little time I thought I had to live. I didn’t have time for dating…not that any Nymph men ever looked my way. I was sick and skinny. What’s to rubberneck about? So, work and finding my sister Serenity had to come first.

*Rhycious swishes his tail and stomps a hoof.* You were beautiful, even in the worst of your illness.
And I’m absodoodly thankful to Pan and Bacchus that you thought so, babe.

By the way you spoke, Patience, I am assuming you don't want to talk about that, so what happens from here? Rhycious, can you tell us if there’s a plan for the rebels?

Her Majesty never revealed a full plan with me. Perhaps she discussed this with Kempor Aleksander, the head Centaur guard, or Templar Khristos who is the Centaur high priest. While I remain ignorant of the minor details, I do perfectly well not knowing, either. It’s not my area of expertise—no matter how much I argued, or how many times I asked to be relieved of my non-healing duties. But I can tell you that I eventually understood Queen Savella’s decision. Eventually, I understood everything.

Everything, huh?

As much as I wanted to understand. With knowledge comes responsibility. Between taking care of Patience and healing those in need of remedies, I’m tapped out these days. *Rhycious moves a few hoof steps toward the open door, gazing at the darkened night sky beyond.*

But did the plan work? Were you able to cure Patience?

That’s a question for readers to answer. In fact, I would say that is THE question that needs to be answered.

Patience, we all want to be different. So what is the one thing you wish your creator had done differently with you?

Talk about a tougharoo question to answer. *she gazes through worried eyes at Rhycious, whose tight swishing tail clearly shows agitation.* I am not perfect, although I strive to do my very best in everything I do. I’m used to being weak and knackered from my years of sickness without hope of recovery. But my own ginormous imperfections...well, they come shining through in Sheri’s book. To see myself and my inadequacies on these pages was eye opening, to say the least. I guess I would say that I wish Sheri didn’t have accuratation with her depiction of me. *Patience moves to stand in the doorway next to her powerfully built Centaur husband.* Everyone has their weaksauce. But I have some goodzilla qualities—very good qualities—as well. I hope readers will see them too.

Sheri, is there a sequel for this book?

Not for Remedy Maker, but I’m outlining another book in the Centaur Series. Tentatively named Troll-y Yours, it involves a dominant side character named Kempor Aleksander, who has a huge ego. He happens to meet the only mythic female in the Boronda Forest who isn’t impressed by his charms and good looks. Whoo-wee! And the sparks fly!

Patience and Rhycious. Thank you for taking time away from your royal duties to come on our blog today.

You’re welcome, ladies. By the gods it’s been fun, but I…uh…have my rounds to make. *Rhy slides his palm down Patience’s arm until their hands connect and fingers entwine.*
*Patience waves to us as she’s tugged out the door.* Tossing you gals a huge thankyoulation for your awesomesauce hospitality. We’ll catch you on the rebound sometime soon!
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