Friday, August 3, 2012


Welcome to our new blog!!  We are new to the blogging realm but we are very excited for you to join us on our new adventure.  We will be reviewing books that we have enjoyed and we are willing to review any books that our readers suggest!  If you are an author, or know an author, who would like a review, please don't hesitate to ask! 

For our welcome post, we would like to introduce ourselves! So here goes!

My name is Ruthi, I'm 28 years old, and I'm a full-time mother to my beautiful four year old daughter.  I'm also a full-time college student at Southern New Hampshire University where I am studying Creative Writing/Fiction.  I am a full-on book nerd and I spend most of my free time reading, writing, and unfortunately, doing chores.  (YUCK!)  I love to read YA Fiction and Paranormal Fiction.  I read a lot!  But those two are my main two loves!  I look forward to hearing from our new readers and please don't hesitate to leave comments below!  I'm now passing you over to my partner in crime!  Take it away!

Well, with an intro like that...

Hey everyone, my name is MaryAnn Inabinet, though most of my friends call me Micci (pronounced like Missy)!  I am *cough cough* thirty years old and the proud wife of a SC Correctional Officer (well he is actually a Sergeant)!  I am a full time college student, stay at home wife, and avid reader of just about anything!  When I am not reading text books for class (Blech!) I am reading either YA, Paranormal, or Romance novels!  I love Nora Roberts/JD Robb (and if you don't believe you should see my collection) but am a big fan of Indie authors as well!  I am truly looking forward to reading people's comments about our reviews and hope to encourage a few more people to become bibliophiles and to read some really awesome books!