Friday, August 3, 2012

Review of The Vampire Hunter's Daughter, by Jennifer Malone Wright

We are first introduced to Chloe, our fourteen year old heroine, in Part 1 of Jennifer Malone Wright’s series, The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter.  The reader is instantly thrown into a world that is action packed and teaming with intrigue and violence.  The hits keep coming as Chloe’s world is torn apart at the seams and she hastily tries to put her life back together again.  At the same time she discovers secrets that her mother hid from her and lies that cause her world to stumble.  With the help of her newly found grandfather and her new vampire hunter friends, she embarks on her new life’s mission:  to kill her father. 

There are six short novellas in this series that, when put together, make one incredible book.  This is why I am now suggesting that if you are new to this series, check out Part 1 on Amazon first.  It’s free right now and will give you an idea if this series is right for you.  After the first part I was hooked, so don’t be surprised if you end up buying the entire collection!  The entire collection on Amazon is 4.99 right now and is definitely a great price for what you are getting. 

The series gets more and more exciting the deeper you delve into Chloe’s world.  This is not your typical series about vampires!  This is, in this humble reviewer’s opinion, a lot better!  If you find that you are as absolutely in love with this series as I am, please come back and leave me a message!  Even if you’re not, leave me a message!  I enjoy feedback and I want to know your thoughts on the books that I review.  Also, please leave a review for Jennifer Malone Wright on Amazon.  This helps to support amazing authors who are working so very hard to get their work out there!

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Link for Part 1 Amazon Link: Part 1
Link for Whole Collection: Amazon Link: Whole Collection