Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Until I Break, by M. Leighton Review

"I’m intrigued. Tempted beyond what I’ve ever been before. To know her, to open her up. To break her."
In love, sometimes what you fear most is exactly what you need.
Laura Drake is an author. She writes bestselling paranormal romances that continue to top the charts. She is sharp. She is confident. She is in control.
And she doesn’t exist.
Samantha Jansen is the woman behind the wig, the woman most of the world doesn’t know exists. She is shy. She is insecure. She is nothing like her main character or her alter ego. She is scarred—deeply scarred—by a past she can’t let go of and a present she can’t make peace with.
Samantha’s dreams are consumed by one man, the broken hero from her books. Mason Strait is both her wildest fantasy and her most terrifying nightmare.
When Samantha meets Alec Brand, a corporate consultant, it is as though Mason has come to life. Alec is handsome to a fault, as elegant as he is arrogant, and more intense than any man has a right to be.
Samantha is soon sucked into a world that mirrors the fiction she writes. Just like her main character, Daire Kirby, Samantha finds herself unable to resist the forbidden lure of Alec. And just like Daire, she also finds that she is faced with taking a chance on a man who could either set her free or destroy her.
The scale tilts toward destruction when Samantha finds out that Alec is as much a work of fiction as Mason. And he has scars of his own, scars that could ruin them both.
**This book may be read as a stand-alone, as the story of Alec and Samantha comes to a conclusion in this book**

Thankfully, I grabbed this book before it got yanked off the market. I'm so saddened that an author had to go to these lengths because of her craft. I hadn't heard of the book until a friend of mine told me what was going on. I was a fan of this author before then, so I had to see what the hoopla was about.
Sure, this one is a bit darker than what she normally writes, but isn't that the point of writing? To take a risk, to grow, to follow your muse? I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I can see why people were comparing to 50 Shades, but I'm so thankful that it was better than that book. I tried reading 50 Shades...never again. It wasn't the content that turned me off. There was just something about it...blech.
Anyway, I really enjoyed this book and I'm so glad that I ordered the paperback copy before it was yanked. It is now in my possession, and I have read it a second time, and enjoyed it just as much as the first time.
If you are looking for the typical book from M. Leighton, well, this one is not going to be what you’re expecting. Also, sadly, this one is not for sale anymore either.  Such a shame...but anyway, moving on.
The writing, as always, was great.  It was engaging and fun, not muddled down with content issues or grammatical problems like a lot of books that I have run across lately.  IF, by some miracle, you can get your hands on this one, I would definitely recommend.
Sure, I would have to agree that Alec seemed a wee bit stalkerish, but when you reach the end...and you see the entire story unfold...I no longer question it. Both characters had some major issues. It was well done and I look forward to more from M. Leighton. Don't let anyone bring you down!

Check out her other books if you’re interested! Personally, I love her style and will continue to read every book that she puts out. Here’s her Amazon link.