Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review of Cat, by Veronica Bains

Alicia Gomez's life seems under control. She has a dancing job at a popular Miami Beach club and is saving every penny to help her family back in Mexico. One day, a stranger tries to kill her, and she cannot fathom why. Neither can Carlos Moreno and George Reid, the two colorful, bickering detectives assigned to her case. As the killer leaves behind a trail of murdered victims and a list of names, Alicia must dig into her past to find a connection. And when she joins Carlos and George in a fast-paced investigation that takes them from Miami to the Texas coast, she revisits the scene of revelry, politics, and paid sex that is the key to it all. The bodies pile up and Alicia's life hangs in the balance before the shocking truth finally surfaces.

Cat, by Veronica Bains, is a fast paced, thrill ride with many twists and turns.  It is obvious within the first few pages where the book got its title because the stalker seems to move with a cat-like grace.  The main character, Alicia Gomez, is a beauty, but has a haunting past.  Life hasn’t always been perfect for her, but she has been trying to pull her life together in order to help the family she left behind.  So she’s a dancer at a strip club.  Not the most glamorous of jobs, but the bills get paid.

After refusing a client one night, Alicia leaves the club with a fellow co-worker and heads to a bar for a drink.  This is where the story gets revved up.  After parting ways outside of the bar, her co-worker realizes that there is a very strange man following Alicia.  In her attempt to help Alicia, the young woman is murdered by this man, leading to the kidnapping of Alicia herself. 

Thus begins the non-stop thrill fest that is Cat.  There is murder, mayhem, and so many lies that my head was spinning.  Just when I thought that a connection was certain, I was slapped with a new bit of information, leading me to wonder how this all came to be.  I was very intrigued by the two detectives that help Alicia to stop this mad man.  They are all well thought out characters with flaws that even the naked eye could see.  And yet, there is a feeling of attachment to them almost immediately.  You become invested in the lives of these characters.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of exhilarating books that grab you by the seat of your pants and throws your mind for a loop.  There is not a moment of boredom while reading this book and you will gobble it up in one sitting.  Plus, once you find out exactly how the whole ordeal started, you’ll probably end up just like me.  Shaking your head back and forth, wondering how this could have gotten so out of hand.  Therein lies the beauty that is Cat.

As of this moment, this book is not released.  Release date is March 4, 2013.  Here is the Amazon link in order for your convenience if you decide to purchase upon release: Amazon