Monday, February 4, 2013

Review of The Wedding Wager, by Regina Duke!

Review of The Wedding Wager

Book Blurb:
Kevin Wake hates being rich. He despises everything his father stands for, but he can't abandon his kid sister and baby brother. Their future is tied to his own. When his father threatens to rob them all of their mother's legacy, Kevin takes bold action to protect what should be theirs.
Megan Mully is out of the hospital at last. But she's homeless, jobless, broke and alone. Love is the last thing on her mind. Kevin is just a means to an end. She never expected him to steal her heart!

This was the first romance that I have read by this author, and I was instantly in love with this book.  I loved the concept behind it when I read the blurb.  It’s poor girl meets rich man, both in need of help from the other.  Nothing could go wrong, right?
Both Kevin and Megan are great characters, beautifully written and easy to fall in love with.  He’s rich, but he lives a life separate from the money.  He wants to make it out there, on his own.  Megan has always had less than others, but her outlook on life is that of someone with everything. They’re from two different worlds, but somehow they make an excellent pair.
This was a fun read with a mix of romance and deceit.  You’ll want to throttle the parents (mainly the fathers) as they are all thrown for a loop they didn’t see coming.  This was an excellent book! I loved the ending as well! I didn’t see that coming, but it was a very pleasant surprise.
If you’re looking for a good book for Valentine’s Day, this is it.  If you’re a cynic, pick this book up.  You won’t look at love in the same way afterwards.  Grab your copy today!

About the Author:
Regina Duke lives in Northern Nevada with her three little dogs. She loves writing stories for women, and if men enjoy them, too, that's okay! She has a new title coming in February. If you enjoy this book, look for The Wedding Hazard in about a month!

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  1. Ruthi, thank you for the great review! Sorry to take so long to say hi. I am fighting a virus and it changes every day. No voice, and now I have a cough. But your review brought a big smile to my face! :-)

    Regina Duke