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Knotted Roots by Ruthi Kight Blog Tour

Book Blurb:
Partying with friends and scoring a
flawless tan is about all Roxie has on her list of things to make her Hampton's
summer perfect.
Her parents, however, have other plans and
Grandma Betty's farm is just one of them.
Just as her life is in shambles and the
quaint town is suffocating her, she meets Chase.
Somewhere in the mix of bummer summer and
small town doldrums, he becomes the boy she can't seem to avoid falling for.
Just adding him to the picture, her stay starts to get better, even if she
knows it has to end with the summer holidays.
That is until Betty drops a life-shattering
Roxie must make a choice that will change
her life forever. What happens when a spoiled brat from New York learns the
true meaning of love, loss, and forgiveness?
Can Chase and Roxie find a way to be
together or is this just another summer romance?


Well, I finally get to review my friend’s book, and let me tell you it is a fantastic debut, even in my slightly biased opinion.  I was impressed by the way that she nailed teenage angst, something that we all experience to some degree from today’s youth.  Roxie truly is the epitome of a spoiled, rotten brat, and it shows in everything that she says and does.  The only thing that seems to concern her is how her parents are screwing up her perfect summer, not the fact that there are major changes coming in all of their lives.  
 I enjoyed reading about her changing though, through the help of some of the other characters.  The supporting characters in the novel help illustrate the transition that Roxie goes through.  Grandma Betty conjured to mind a strong southern woman, what I would term to be a Steel Magnolia.  Despite everything that has occurred in her life, she continues to move forward, never letting pain show until she is alone.  She reminded me of my own grandmother, a woman that I admire and look up to, someone who has taught me the finer points of being a lady, and a southern lady at that.  
 Katy is a lovely girl that seems to have more depth to her than I originally anticipated in the beginning.  At first she seemed to be nothing more than the southern equivalent of one of Roxie's New York friends, but as the story continues I found the hidden depths of love and friendship that make the character of Katy heartwarming.  And while Katy does come across as a very sweet character, she too embodies the southern lady core of steel, as when it comes time to get Roxie’s attention, she does so in characteristic southern fashion, not mincing words, but telling it exactly how it is.
And, saving the best for last, I loved Chase.  He is not a perfect pretty boy, which I found to be more endearing and true to life.  He has his imperfections and carries his fair share of scars and flaws.  The perfect man has been done to death, and to find a male lead character with insecurities and a palpable pain, well, I found it quite refreshing.  So, even as he helps Roxie to change, she helps him to heal and change as well.  The two are a fantastic couple, with enough similarities to give them something in common, but with enough differences to keep the relationship fresh and interesting.
On the whole, for a debut novel, this was a really good one.  I am honestly anxious to see what Ruthi  will do next, as her story is a wonderful one, and I would love to know more about the characters, including where they ultimately end up.  My only complaint is that if there is going to be a follow up to this novel, could you please hurry it on up!!!!  I hope that you give Knotted Roots a try and enjoy a coming of age novel and young adult romance that has more substance than most novels written for this particular age group!  Props on a job well done Ruthi!  I am super proud of you and can’t wait to see what you do next!  Happy Reading everyone! 

“I like your jammies. It’s been a long time
since I’ve seen so many colors throw up on someone’s clothes.” I looked up at
him, prepared to voice my outrage, but his smile disarmed me once again. He was
taunting me, trying to get a rise out of me and damn if he hadn’t come close to
succeeding. I wouldn’t let him win.
“Thank you. I like your outfit as well. I
have to say, Redneck Chic suits you quite well,” I replied, my sugary-sweet
smile still firmly in place.
“Ya haven’t heard? It’s the latest trend. I
can help ya catch up, if ya want?”
Caught off guard, I laughed out loud,
covering my mouth quickly, trying hard to suppress the snort that I was sure
was about to escape. His own masculine laughter joined with mine, mingling and
building, until both of us were clutching our sides. I hadn’t had a good laugh
in...well, forever. I heard the doors to the kitchen swing open again and
glanced up as Grandma entered the room. She looked between us, her eyes
searching for what had caused our raucous laughter.
“I always miss the funny. Wanna fill me
in?” she asked as she pulled a package of fresh sausage out of the fridge and
slapped it on the counter.
“It seems that our dear Chase here is a
fashion guru. He has offered to help me learn the ins and outs of his style,” I
replied as I looked over at Grandma. She scowled at me, but I continued anyway.
“It seems that my style isn’t to his liking.”
“Oh, I wouldn’t say that. I really do like
those pants. But I’m afraid you’re gonna have a hard time blending in around
here if you continue to wear them,” he teased, laughing as he took in Grandma’s
bewildered face.
“Now who said I wanted to blend in?” I
teased back, earning another scolding look from Grandma.

About the Author:
If you had asked 6 year old Ruthi what she
wanted to be when she grew up, she would have told you a Rock Star. Those
dreams faded to the background when she found out who the true Rock Stars are:
She has always had a fascination with
books, losing herself completely in numerous books, enjoying the worlds she
found that were so unlike her own. They were her escape, and eventually became
her passion.
Her family has been putting up with her and
her incoherent ramblings while she worked on her debut novel, Knotted Roots.
Her five year old and Fiance have suffered through many “fend for yourself”
nights, but somehow still manage to love her anyway.
She is now attending the Southern New
Hampshire University, working on her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing/Fiction so
that she can create her own worlds for others to fall in love with.

Okay, now that I’m done
talking in the third person, let me just say that I love connecting with people
via Facebook, Goodreads, my blog, etc. If you would like to chat, you can
usually find me online at any given time. I also want to say thank you to each
and every person who reads my book. It was a labor of love and I truly hope
that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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