Friday, April 26, 2013

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So, we were told that our post could literally be about anything that we wanted.  That’s the fun part of this!  We here at R&M Fab Book Reviews have a deep love for books and the people that write them.  So today, we want to tell you about some of our faves! We’ll give you links to stalk these fabulous books/authors, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find a new favorite as well! Please feel free to leave comments on this post if there are some that you would recommend as well! We look forward to learning about new books!

Did we mention it’s only .99 right now? Yea...we thought you might like that. 

Games of Fire, by Airicka Phoenix!
All her books are flipping fantastic!

Once Upon a Zombie Apocalypse, by KBMiller and Jennifer Malone Wright!
There are TWO novellas for this right now, check em out!

Twisted Perfection, by Abbi Glines!
New Release! Loving it!

The Unraveling of Avery Snow, by ChristySloat!
This is book two, so make sure you grab book one first! 

Born, and Born to Fight, by Tara Brown!
All of her books are awesome, so you should check em out!

Destine, by Katherine Polillo!
Book 2 is almost here! EEP!

Phoenix Shadow (Book 3), Lisa Morgan!
This series will have you begging for more!

Selling Scarlett, by Ella James!
Seriously LOVED this one!

Suddenly Royal, by Nichole Chase!
Another HOT new release!

The Voice, by Jennifer Anne Davis!
Only .99 right now! Great read!

Wide Awake, by Shelly Crane!
Loved this book! Very well done!

Miss Me Not, by Tiffany King!
Beautifully done!

Slammed, by Colleen Hoover!
Seriously, ALL her books are EPIC!

Inhale, Exhale, by Sarah M. Ross!
Not out yet, but coming May 7th!

The Rapture of Avery Maye, by Ema Volf!
AMAZING book! Soooo good!

Unbound, by Cat Miller!
Love this series!! Love it!

The Diamond Mini Series, by J.M. Zuniga!
These are great serial novels! Love the originality!

Hidden Wings, by Cameo Renae!
Soooo good! Love this book!

Love’s Second Chance, by LP Dover!
You should totally read this one!

Devoured, by Emily Snow!
Caution: This one is HOT!

On Dublin Street, by Samantha Young!
Great contemporary romance! Her other books are epic as well!

There are literally thousands more, but we didn’t want the post to be too long, lol. So, if you know of others you want recommended, leave us a message here on the blog! We love to hear from everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by, and don’t forget! Enter the rafflecopter to win!

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