Friday, November 9, 2012

Guest Post by Kelly Accinni

Today on R&M we welcome the wonderful Kelly Accinni to our blog today!  She wanted to share something special with all of our friends, fans, and followers!  Enjoy!  

Kelly Accinni

Thanks for the chance to introduce your fans to a great giveaway.

*****On Nov 15 I will draw someone's name to win an Amazon Gift Certificate worth $150.00*****

All they need to do is read any of my three books in the series Species Intervention # 6609 and leave a review. Anyone can email me to request a file of "Baby", "Echo" or "Armageddon Cometh".

I am enclosing an example of one of the best reviews for educating readers that I have ever seen. It just happens to be on my book "Baby" lol  
(Link to Amazon Review )       

The biggest disservice a reviewer can do is expose the plot of the book they are reviewing with a blow-by-blow recap. Yikes! It's not fair to subsequent readers to be a spoiler. 

That said, if we could all control our reviews, we could all be best sellers. Don't miss this writer's exceptional approach to reviewing an ebook and enjoy his take on my book "Baby." For previews of my other books:

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