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The Charleston Vampire Chronicles Blog Tour Stop

Welcome to our stop of L.a. Freeds The Charleston Vampire Chronicles Blog Tour!

Book Blurb:

BLOOD THIRST follows the transformation of Angela Trenton as she becomes a vampire. Attacked and left to die, she is faced with uncertainty and fear as her body begins to change. She is aided by another vampire named Elijah, and he becomes her mentor. He teaches her how to hunt, and quench her ever-demanding thirst for blood. He also reveals to her the name of her attacker - Matthew. She's determined to hunt Matthew down and kill him. But when Elijah leaves her, she is forced to push her hatred of Matthew aside so that she can learn the real truth of why he committed her to everlasting darkness.

My Thoughts:

Blood Thirst was a interesting read.  Don’t ask me how I did it, but I somehow managed to read these books out of order, which let me say will normally mess a person up in a lot of ways.  While I might have missed some of the back stories in the other novels, reading this one cleared up a lot of the mystery.  I found Angela to be a very intriguing character and as I move forward in the series, look forward to getting to know her better.  The author does a fantastic job of portraying vampires in a very ghastly but excellently written way.  There were times that I felt that I was right there witnessing the events taking place.  I wish that I could tell you all about the book, but as I have said many a time, that would not be fair to you the reader as it would deprive you of the highs and lows that one must experience on their own.  This is definitely a must read novel and one that I know that I will be re-reading soon as it was, in my honest opinion, that good.  I feel as if in my haste to find out how things would end I may have missed something, so while I might have read the book, it is also going back on my to-be-read list as well!  

Book Blurb:

Blood Divided is a historical vampire tale revolving around, and told in first person by the main character, Matthew Trenton. His story begins in 1674 as he is forced to leave England after committing unforgivable sin with his sister. In his journey to the Carolinas he begins to understand his true nature, his need to befriend mortals, his lust to kill those of his kind, and the realization that he will one day become something more than just a vampire. His journey is populated with engaging characters that help him learn about himself and the world around him: Vanity, the insane former mistress to King Charles. Hope, the mute slave girl who becomes his child. James, the young mortal who grew up in a coven of vampires and becomes his mentor. Elijah, the old, black vampire who becomes his partner. Ainjul, the modern child of his past family who becomes key in helping him complete his journey to its end. The tale is sprinkled with historical fact that weaves the life and struggle of Matthew with the life and struggle of the new world and Charleston. Blood Divided is the second book of The Charleston Vampire Chronicles. It is a fun read that suspends reality and allows the reader to enjoy immortality, if only for a little while.

My Thoughts:

Blood Divided is yet another example of literary genius brought to you by author L.A. Freed.  While book one was enthralling, the back story on Matthew was fabulous and I just could not get enough.  I found it fascination to learn so much about what he went through that brought him to the present.  There were a few surprises in the novel, but you have to read it to find out what they are, but I will say this, wow, just wow!  Ms. Freed not only continued the story of vampires but also relayed history in the process, which I admit to being a bit of a history lover, but it has been a while since I read a fiction novel that made history more interesting for the reader.  It has been a pleasure to read the novel, and as mentioned in the review of Blood Thirst, I will be re-reading it as well, though this time I am going back and reading all 3 novels in order!  There is so much going on in the novel but it is easy to follow and understand where it all fits in.  I am so glad that I read this novel, and am anxious to check through because I realize that in my frenetic dash to the end I may have missed some of the detail and to tell you the truth, that bothers me.  I recommend that you purchase Blood Divided as it is a fantastic story that will draw you in from page one.

Book Blurb:

Fifteen years ago, an auto accident killed Kate Delwen's husband and son. In an instant, her life changed forever. Little did she know then, their deaths were no accident. Tonight, her life will turn upside down again, just as the immortals intended so many years ago. She will die, be reborn and emerge as a reluctant hero amid a world of powerful vampires embroiled in an ancient Blood Feud.

My Thoughts:

Blood Feud is the third book in The Charleston Vampire Chronicles by author L.A. Freed.  This newest addition to the series picks up the story of Matthew and Ainjul Trenton, vampires that have evolved to something else.  They have powers that are not seen in a “normal” vampire.  I don’t want to spend too much time rehashing what happened in the first two novels, as I believe you need to read the entire series and get “bitten” by these books like I did.  
The first two were awesome, and if you want a more thorough review of them then make sure to check back with us during L.A. Freed’s blog tour in November.  
But I digress!  Book three introduces us to another character, Kate Delwen, and woman in her fifties who is hired to look after Ainjul so that Matthew can step out for a meeting.  One thing leads to another and Kate is turned into a vampire.  She joins Matthew in his search to find his precious Ainjul as she has been essentially kidnapped.
Just as I thoroughly enjoyed the first two novels, I was drawn again into this one.  I spent most of my time whirling from page to page, drawn into the action and drama that unfolds.  There is more at play than what you would expect from a typical vampire novel, and I love the fact that it is set in Charleston, SC which in not far from where I live.  I have visited the city many times, and love to see such a historic city featured in a novel.  The book is off the charts in my estimation, and I am anxious to sit down and reread it.  It really is that good to me.  I would recommend that you read it and you too just might be bitten by the Charleston Vampires.

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 Author Bio:

L.A. Freed, author of The Charleston Vampire Chronicles, is a true renaissance woman and lives, works, and plays in Charleston, SC. She is employed full time and works nights at The Post and Courier. It's highly unlikely that she sleeps in a coffin during the day because she's too busy training dogs to compete in AKC, USDAA and CPE agility and obedience. She also dabbles in photography and art, and has won numerous awards for her work. In a past life she trained, showed and boarded horses. She is a life member of the AQHA and owns two Quarter Horse mares. 

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