Sunday, November 4, 2012

Review of Shadowland by Author C.M. Gray

Shadowland is a fantastic historical fiction tale of two boys who are rudely thrust into the matters of men despite still being children themselves.  The story starts out innocently enough as the two boys, Cal and Usher are out getting into trouble as boys are wont to do.  On their return to their village they are attacked by wolves and driven into the trees by the beasts.  Little did the two realize but the wolf attack saved them from a slaughter in their village.  From this point their lives change forever.
The tale is related by Usher as an old man as he sits by the fire of a village as he is basically a storyteller now.  His old friend Cal unexpectedly drops in and forces Usher to tell a tale that is true instead of a fantastical yarn for the villagers present.  The tales Usher relates to the people around the fire draw the reader back in time to a point where things were not always so peaceful.
I felt as if I was there the entire time, and could very well imagine what was going through the minds of the two boys as they make their way on their journey.
I thoroughly enjoyed the book as I felt as if I was in Great Britain during a time when things were quite unsettled.  Warring tribes and the retreat of the Romans are things that I remembered from history lessons, and to have them related in such a personal way, brought a whole new light to the history of the region.  It is easy to see why these times were called the Dark Ages, as war was everywhere.  The emotions that were relayed were more than believable as I could all but taste the boys fear as they went into their first battle.  I could feel their misery as they slogged through the damp and cold.  C.M. Gray has a fantastic ability to transport the reader back into a time when things were not always a pretty as they are today.  I look forward to reading more from this author as this book has me well and truly hooked.  If I can be drawn into this tale so easily then it should be absolutely no problem to be drawn into the next.  I hope you consider checking out Shadowland, available through Amazon!

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