Saturday, September 1, 2012

Interview with Lillith, from Ianni and The Many Lives of Avery Snow!

Let's welcome the amazingly talented Christy Sloat to our page!  She will be joining us today to interview Lillith, a Spirit Guide in her newest novella, Ianni!

Today I will be interviewing one of my characters from The Past Lives Series, Lillith. She is also featured in my newest work, Ianni(A Past Lives Novella). Lillith is a Spirit Guide for Landon Cooper. One thing I can say about her personality is she is very sassy!

Christy: Lillith, welcome and thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

Lillith: Sure, I wasn’t doing anything else today so here I am.

Christy: I can tell you are not happy about doing this interview. I can also tell that you do not have much going on, why is that?

Lillith: I don’t really know why you chose to interview me. I am a minor character in your books. I do not have anything going on because my most important soul that I guide doesn’t really need me right now. {sighs}

Christy: Lillith you are a very important character. You help Ianni so much in this novella. Would you say you two are friends now?

Lillith: Yeah I would say that. I don’t really like having friends. I like to be on my own, ya know?

Christy: Yes I do know. Do you like your job as a Spirit Guide?

Lillith:  It’s okay I guess. It beats being human. I do not understand why Ianni chose that for herself. No offense and all but I do not ever want to be human, it’s not my thing.

Christy: Here is another question for you. How do you feel about having fans who like your character?

Lillith: People like me? I had no idea anyone liked me. I am a rebel, so no one usually likes to hang out with me. I think it’s pretty interesting that someone would like me.

Christy: How do you feel about Landon having his memories shaved?

Lillith: Do not even go there. I think you know I am really upset by this. He is one of my most important souls that I guide. I can’t even talk to him now. Lets change the subject please.

Christy: Okay, fine. If you could have your own novella and have me write it about you would you want it and if so what would you want me to write about?
Lillith: Yeah I suppose that would be cool and all. I would say you should write it about me and when I started guiding my souls. Maybe you could target all the trouble I have been in. {Laughs} I have been in a lot of trouble.

Christy: Is it fair to say you’re a trouble maker or are you just trying to help Landon?
Lillith: Both. I do get in to trouble, but it is usually to help him.  

Christy: Do you have any questions for me?
Lillith: Yes I do as a matter of fact! What is going to happen between Landon and Avery in the next book, The Unraveling of Avery Snow?

Christy: You know I can’t reveal that! I can tell you that I am working on it right now as we speak.

Lillith: Whatever. You suck for leaving me hanging here.

Christy: Sorry but you will find out soon enough. Thank you for coming here and talking with me.

Lillith: Well like I said I had nothing better to do.

There you have it. She is always so pleasant. If you ask me I think she is afraid to have her true feelings show through. Find out more about Lillith in the next book due out this week!

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