Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stacey Rourke Interviews Kendall, from The Gryphon Series!

***Let's give a warm welcome to Stacey Rourke, author of The Sidekick Chronicles: A Gryphon Series Novella, and Kendall Garrett***

Stacey-Thank you all for being here! Today as my guest I have Kendall Garrett, one of the stars of The Gryphon Series. Kendall, thanks so much for joining us!

Kendall-(big beaming grin) Thank you for having me! This is so cool. I feel like I’m on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Stacey-Well our audience may be smaller but no less fun.
(Crowd hoots and applauds. Kendall gives them doe eyes over her shoulder—toothpaste commercial grin still in place.)

Stacey-(suddenly serious) But let’s get down to the real story here Kendall. According to The Gryphon Series you’re a creature of love that is practically incapable of being mean or nasty to anyone. Is that true?

Kendall-(blinking rapidly in obvious confusion) Uh…yeah. I thought we were gonna talk about stuff like who I want to play me in The Conduit movie, because I’m thinking Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars could totally rock playing me.

Stacey-(waves hand dismissively) Yeah, no one cares. What people really wanna know is how deep this “creature of love” thing goes. I mean are you able to get angry at people?

Kendall-(shrugs) Sure, I can get angry but then I remember pretty quick that all people are basically good inside and it passes.

Stacey-(leans back in her chair and folds her arms over her chest) That’s…annoyingly optimistic. So you never get so ticked off that you just fly off the handle at anyone?

Kendall-(With a smile so sweet it causes cavities) Nope. Not really.

Stacey-(Her eyes narrow) Even the fact that I openly refer to you and your brother as “sidekicks” in my new novella The Sidekick Chronicles? That doesn’t bug you at all?

Kendall-(Blonde hair bobs around her face as she shakes her head) Not at all. Gabe gets bent out of shape by that, but I’m happy to help our little team in any way I can. I don’t care what title I go by.

Stacey-(leans forward with her elbows on the desk.) Your boyfriend Keith breaks your heart in the novella. That didn’t make you want to unleash a little fury on him?

Kendall- (Presses lips together and considers this before again shaking her head.) Not really, we’re young. This is the time in our lives when we make silly mistakes that we learn from.

Stacey-What about when people cut you off in traffic?

Kendall-Clearly they have somewhere important to be! I just hope they arrive safely.

Stacey-The Kardashians are stupid.

Kendall-(sucks in a shocked breath then struggles to regain her composure) You are…ahem…entitled to your own opinion about that wonderful family.
(Audience erupts in a taunting “oooooooooooooo”)

Stacey-(with a victorious smile) So you can be rattled!


Stacey-Can too!


Stacey-I’m going to give you an awful hair day in Sacrifice, book 3 of the Gryphon Series.

Kendall-(gasps and hisses through her teeth)You witch! You wouldn’t dare!

Stacey-(to the audience) And there ya have it folks! Well that’s all the time we have for today! Thanks so much Kendall for being here…

Kendall-(huffs) Way to go, you proved to the world you’re, like, annoying enough to tick off even a creature of love.

Stacey-And thank all of you for joining us! Look for Kendall and the rest of the Garrett gang in The Gryphon Series available now in print and ebook!

Kendall-You know my brother morphs into a lion, right? Totally telling him you called him a sidekick. (grumbles) Purposely give me a bad hair day? Un-uh! I’ll make sure he bites you. 
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