Monday, September 10, 2012

Review of Karen Swart's Kasadya: Hellhound Awakened!

Well, I have to say this, Anchor Group has yet another hit on their hands!  I just finished reading Kasadya: Hellhound Awakened by Karen Swart and was amazed.  It took me a little while to understand the some of the phrases that were used, but I will say that she had the foresight to include a glossary of terms at the beginning, which I made liberal use of. 
             In the novel we are introduced to Kasadya Levourne, who is seventeen and about to embark on a journey that she really didn’t see coming.  It turns out that she, as well as her parents are Fallen, creatures that exist to stop the demons of hell from essentially taking over the world.  But they are not just any creatures, they are the ones that rose against God but who repented on their sin.  As a result they must earn their place in heaven by helping to defeat those that had been cast into hell. 

Kasadya is not just any Fallen, she is a Hellhound, rare and incredibly powerful beings. She must learn how to fight in order to kill the demons and earn her place in heaven.  She goes from being an apprentice of sorts in the Fallen realm of Exsilium, to accidentally being pulled into hell by another student.  Together the two girls manage to survive hell and come out stronger than ever before.  But that is only a small part of the tale! 

There are so many good things that I can say about this novel!  It is an action-packed, heart-racing thrill ride that you must experience yourself.  It has all the aspects of a several different novels rolled into one!  I really believe that most of you would really enjoy this book.  I know that I am now looking forward to another release in what I hope will be a lengthy series Karen has captured my attention!  Check out Kasadya: Hellhound Awakened, and hopefully you will find it as thrilling as I did!  Happy Reading Everyone!  

For those interested in getting your own copy of Karen's book, check out Amazon where it is available as an e-edition for only $3.99!  Also be sure to check out Anchor Group on Facebook and their website for more info on new releases, as well as Author Karen Swart on Facebook!