Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Review of Amy Richie's Willow and Giveaway!

I just finished reading Amy Richie’s Willow and was impressed.  It seems to this reviewer that Anchor Group is on a roll!  In the novel Willow which is named for the female main character.  Willow is a werewolf, as is her sister.  They have moved yet again at the direction of Bella, a woman who essentially is an adoptive mother to the two girls.  

In the werewolf world that they live in, females are the leaders of the pack, with anywhere between 5-12 males in a pack.  Willow and her sister have been taught many things about the werewolf community but as Willow finds out when she is made the leader of a local pack, Bella didn’t tell them everything.  Willow, who had no interest in becoming a pack leader, struggles with her new found role. 

And did I mention that the males in her pack are a bunch of teenage boys who have a hard time initially giving her space, especially while they are in the very human world of high school.  As if being a teenager isn’t enough for this girl, she now has to manage her werewolf life as well.  Truly a great read, as the angst of any teenager is mixed with the very adult responsibility of caring for the members of the pack, plus the very real emotions that Willow has for protector, Gabe, who is much older than the other males that she is stuck with. 

They all have a lot to learn, and discover being a werewolf is more than fun and games.  Decisions are made and questions asked that will play a major role in what happens to Willow and her pack.  A gripping tale that will whip you along from page to page as you try to figure out what will happen next, Willow is worth checking out.  Will she have what it takes to keep them all together?  Find out when you get your copy of Willow by Amy Richie today!

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