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Spotlight Feature of Author Stacey Rourke and the Gryphon Series

Okay, here’s the deal, I have read the entire Gryphon series by Stacey Rourke.  Each time I pick up one of the books I am drawn into a world of mythological beings, demons, and crazy grandmothers.  I have spent a lot of time laughing my butt off as Stacey has the unique ability of tapping into young adult and teenage snark, and I love it!
After reading her latest full length novel in the Gryphon series, Embrace, I was once again transported into the crazy life of Celeste and her siblings, oh, and let’s not forget her crazy off-the-wall Grams!  Together they must band together to defeat a new foe, this time with a little unanticipated help.  Celeste must decide whether to trust her heart or go with the crowd.  She has a lot of hard decisions to make where life and death hang in the balance.  Plus, there are at least a couple of really hot guys that come into Celeste’s already tumultuous life!
Embrace leaves you breathless as you constantly wonder how things will turn out.  I found myself rooting for Celeste constantly through the book as she tries to balance her new responsibilities with having a life.  I was left with my heart racing.  The end of the book left me begging for more!
And when Stacey released The Sidekick Chronicles I was partially pacified!  The Sidekick Chronicles by Stacey Rourke is the most recent addition to the Gryphon series, set up as a kind of in between novella.  The Sidekick Chronicles gives us the unique perspective of events from Celeste’s sister, brother, and Grams.  It picks up where Embrace left off, cluing us into some events that are coming up when the 3rd full length novel, Sacrifice, is released.
Kendall’s story is about one the best and worst days of her life, thus far.  When betrayal stabs deep, she pushes it off while being supported by her loving, all be it, slightly odd family.  Grams’ story reflects how she feels about her grandbabies being ‘superheroes’ while letting us into her thoughts on events that occurred in Embrace and since then.  Gabe tries to surprise someone, and while he does manage to scare the object of his attentions, surprise comes with a large dose of happiness.
All of these tidbits are enclosed in the novella, though while it may be short, still leaves the reader clamoring for more while they hoot and howl with laughter.  I spent the better part of my time reading this book snickering at my computer screen, visualizing each scenario as it happened, and could very well picture their expressions as I have become acquainted with each character in the previous novels.
As always, Stacey Rourke delivers a tale that will have her readers in stitches while they empathize with the characters.  Celeste, Gabe, Kendall, and Grams as well as the other characters have become almost like family to me, and I can’t wait for Sacrifice to be released!
So, in essence for a good time, er read, pick up Stacey Rourke’s The Conduit, Embrace, and the novella The Sidekick Chronicles.  The series is almost guaranteed to suck you in to the hijinks of Celeste and her siblings.  I personally love a good novel that leaves me howling with laughter one minute and clinging to my seat the next!  So, read the series soon because pretty soon the next book in the series will be out, and you really don’t want to miss it, because I am waiting not so patiently for the next book, Sacrifice, due for release in November 2012.

Our Interview with Stacey Rourke!

R&M:  We must know: What book are you reading right now?

Stacey:  Kasadya; Hellhound Awakened by Karen Swart. HIGHLY recommend.  I am rereading it for a review!

R&M:  Can you tell us an interesting fact about you, your writing, or anything at all?  Or, is there anything in particular you want the readers to know about you?

Stacey:  An interesting fact about anything at all? Mice can't throw up. That's why poison works on them. Their bodies have no way to get rid of it. If readers get nothing else from this interview they will remember mice can't throw up.

R&M:  Is there a special place in your home that you work at?

Stacey:  If I'm formatting or wearing my publisher hat I work in my office in the basement. (It's not a dungeon I swear.) But if I'm writing or editing I have to be comfy-aka on my bed.

R&M:  Do you have an interesting writing quirk? Maybe something that you have to do while writing or something that you have to do before you start writing?

Stacey:  Music. I need songs that set the scene for me. That take me to the emotional place I need to be in. I write a lot of Rowan's scenes to the Jace Everett song Bad Things. Caleb often gets Tura'lu by the Bollox.

R&M:  Are the characters within The Gryphon Series based on anyone that you know in real life?

Stacey:  Kendall is based on my daughter, who much like Keni is a creature that seems capable of only love in its purest and most genuine form. Grams is based on both my husband and my great grandmothers. Both were cool chicks that never let age keep them from a good time. And Celeste, well she’s the “every girl” I hope everyone that reads this series can relate to her in some way.

R&M:  Which one of the characters do you feel the biggest connection with and why?

Stacey:  Celeste, totally. Her and I speak sarcasm fluently.

R&M:  What can you tell us about the third full-length novel, Sacrifice, in The Gryphon Series?

Stacey:  Look at you trying to get the dirt! Sneaky, sneaky! Well there will be a wedding, a betrayal, and a gut wrenching loss all tied together with witty dialogue and snappy one liners. That pretty much sums it up! Hah!

R&M:  How did you end up starting your own publishing company, Anchor Group?

Stacey:  That is a very long story. The abbreviated version is that I had been toying with the idea of launching a publishing house for a while. Then one day the opportunity quite literally fell in my lap. There were other authors—dear friends of mine—that told me they believed in me and they would stand beside me as I transitioned into this role. Had they not been there I probably would’ve thrown my hands up and not even attempted it. But they had so much faith in me that I jumped in with both feet. Best decision I ever made. To Christy Sloat, Katherine Polillo and Melissa Ringsted I have to add; thank you ladies for believing in me and for seeing me as the AG Cap’n when the idea still terrified me.

R&M:  If you were to give another writer advice, what would be your #1 piece of advice?

Stacey:  Read. Any kind of books you can get your hands on in as many genres as possible! Only through reading will you get the tools you need to be a great writer.

R&M:  If the world was coming to an end within the next 24 hours, what five things would you HAVE to do before everything went boom?

Stacey:  My family, my friends, a bottle of rum and some deep belly laughs. I know that’s only four, but really then I’d be good!

Fun Questions!

1. Favorite Color? Blue

2. Favorite Animal? Dogs

3.Favorite Book? Mine of course! LOL

4.Favorite Drink? Day time-sweet tea, evening-RUM

5.Favorite Day of the Week? Saturday

6. Favorite Holiday? Christmas

7.Polka Dots or Stripes? Polka Dots

8.            Cats or Dogs? Again, dogs!

9. Favorite Season? Summer

10.         Favorite Movie? Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End

Excerpt from Embrace!

“So,” I interrupted, before things got too nauseating. “The plan is for us to pretend all is right in the world, and basically be bait, while you guys snoop around for info on what’s going on?”
They all nodded without taking their eyes off Kendall.
“Consider us the Rebel Alliance.” Eddie snort laughed. When he caught my quizzical expression, he clarified. “It’s a Star Wars joke. ‘Cause your lion is wearing Millennium Falcon boxer shorts.”
“My lion’s wearing what?” All eyes turned to my brother. Even Gabe glanced over his shoulder. Our big, intimidating predatory cat still had on his underwear.
Gabe huffed, and changed back to human. The Glee Club members grimaced, cringed and gagged at the sensory extravagance that is my brother’s morphing process.
“Changed in a hurry,” Gabe nonchalantly explained.
“Just so you know,” Eddie replied with a wavering voice. “A lion in underpants doesn’t evoke quite the same amount of fear into the hearts of your enemies. Don’t get me wrong, you’re still scary as all get out. But it does take away your edge a bit.”
“Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind,” Gabe said tightly, and folded his arms across his massive chest.
“Hey, are you the only bad guys out tonight?” Kendall interjected. “’Cause I’m missing America’s Next Top Model.”
“Far as we know, we’re it.” Shrugged Boil Face, as he gazed at my sister with stars in his eyes.
“Awesome! I’m outtee!” Kendall bubbled. She retracted her wings, spun on her heel and started down the mountain. In her wake she left a crestfallen Glee Club.
Gabe followed her lead. “Me too. I’m beat. Going home to crash.”
Red hiccup-laughed. “The lion’s tired.”
“What’s funny about that demon?” Gabe scowled. His chest shook with a low growl.
Kendall and I went on high alert. Keni stopped walking and waited for a signal from me to intervene. I stepped closer to Gabe, anticipating having to pull a cranky lion off a harmless demon that would most likely wet himself at the sight of Gabe’s exposed fangs.
The Glee Club diffused the situation by harmonizing their answer. “Ah-wee-ma-way, ah-wee-ma-way, ah-wee-ma-way…”
Gabe swore under his breath and stomped off. Kendall and I giggled at his misery.
“You have to admit, they’re good!” I yelled after him.

Check out the trailer for Sacrifice, due to be released in November!

Stacey Rourke is the author of the humorous, action-packed Gryphon Series. The series begins with The Conduit, continues on with Embrace, with the third installment, Sacrifice, releasing Fall of 2012. Also look for a special Gryphon Series novella; The Sidekick Chronicles coming only to eBook September 2012!

Stacey lives in Michigan with her husband, two beautiful daughters, and two giant, drooly dogs. Currently she is hard at work on her series as well as other literary projects.

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