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Spotlight Feature on Author Willow Cross and her Novel The Dark Gifts: Inheritance

We are so honored to have the amazing Samantha T., from Momof2BookReviews with us again today as our guest reviewer!  Please make sure you leave her a comment and stop by her page on Facebook and her Blog!! 

Review of Inheritance:

I want to start out by saying that I am a huge fan of Willow Cross.  She is utterly amazing in her works.  When I found out I would be reviewing Inheritance, I knew that I couldn't just start in the middle of a series, so I picked up Birthright and loved it.  I expected Inheritance to pick up right where Birthright left off, but I was mistaken...

At the beginning of Inheritance, we are introduced to Jason and Sarah, a brother and sister duo that have had a rough life.  They grew up in foster care, never knowing anything of their real family.  Finally one day, they receive news that an aunt they never even knew existed has left them her house.  They move in, but strange things start happening to Jason.  It seems that the 3 nights around the full moon every month he has blackout episodes. Waking up covered in blood that is not his own, he has no recollection about what he has done.

At first, Sarah thinks that Jason is crazy.  She thinks that he just needs to see a therapist.  Jason is determined to prove her otherwise and begins building himself a sturdy cage in the basement.  Sarah watches, stunned, as Jason locks himself inside of the cage and begins to change into a monster.  She won't give up on him though, she is sure that she can help him.  He is all she has ever known, and she needs him.

As they begin looking through the belongings and documents left inside of their deceased aunt’s house, they realize that they may still have family out there, and they embark on a journey to find them.
Will Sarah and Jason finally have a real family?  Will they find them and find out why they were forgotten all of these years?  Is this freakish thing with Jason going to happen to Sarah at some point as well, and if so, will she be strong enough to handle it?

This book was absolute awesomesauce!  Seriously, I started it one evening and stayed up til 3am reading it and then finally went to bed, knowing that I had an early morning.  Once in bed, I almost convinced myself to get back up and continue reading, who needs sleep anyway, right?
I would totally recommend this to all you paranormal lovers out there.  I'm sure you will be drawn in, just as I was.  While you don't have to read Birthright before reading Inheritance, I would still recommend you do it.  The series is just that captivating.

I am eagerly awaiting the next book!

Birthright Trailer:

We are so excited to share an exclusive first look at Willow Cross’ third book in The Dark Gifts Series, Legacy! This is the unedited version!  No one has laid eyes on this as of yet, so please make sure you leave Willow a comment and let her know what you think! We are so honored to have this as part of our feature!

Sarah couldn't help but smile as she gazed around the room. Thick strands of garland coupled with the fifteen foot Christmas tree decorating the Citadel’s main hall, filled the room with the heady scent of pine. The tree itself was a sight to behold.  

Handmade ornaments, snowflakes, and ginger people covered each branch while strings of popcorn and dried cranberries zigzagged around the tree in perfect symmetry.  Even without the traditional twinkling lights, it was stunning.

  Liz sat near the fireplace across the room in a worn rocker reading Dickens.  Scattered around her, numerous children listened with bated breath as she spoke.  Anyone on the outside looking in would have thought the scene nothing more than the usual Norman Rockwell Christmas. However, those that cared to take a closer look would likely realize that the children's glowing eyes held more than Christmas spirit.

  “Are you happy?”  Shad whispered in her ear.
  She squeezed his hand and nestled closer to him.  “Very.”

  He smiled and dropped a gentle kiss on the top of her head.  “You know, in a way this is your first real Christmas.”

  “Mmhmm.”  Her eyes closed as she breathed in his musky, clean scent.  “It’s nearly perfect.  I wish this moment could last forever.”

  Deep down she knew peace of any sort was fleeting in this new life.  With that thought, a strange sense of foreboding crept into her heart.  The past nine months had been a difficult transition.  Learning to control her inner wolf, leading her ever-growing pack, and of course, integrating with witches and vampires had been no easy task.  Many clandestine battles had been won, and some lost, in the ongoing Vampire war.  But with each new struggle they’d grown closer together and had mercifully managed to become society based on trust and honor.

  Fifty vampire children had been freed from renegade covens and those holding them destroyed.  If the prophecy was correct, and Liz and Michael were the parents of the Vampire Nation, Brogan would most assuredly be their grandfather.  His nose, hands, and fingers, intervened in every aspect of the Citadel.  Everything from overseeing little Jenna’s training, to the witches and were studies seemed to fall under his watchful eye.  Aside from the intermittent battles, the Citadel had become a home for supernaturals.  A safe, comfortable, loving home and one that Sarah would kill to protect.

Author Bio:

Willow Cross resides in Arkansas with her husband, two children still young enough to live at home, an enormous cat named Bitsy, and a neurotic dog named Tank. Her home has been known to host the occasional ghost and several of her friends profess to be witches. Although she dearly loves Vampires and Werewolves, they are never invited for dinner.

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