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Spotlight Feature on Katherine Rochholz and Her Soon-to-be Released Novel The Seven Deadlies

Well, let me say this, wow, just wow!  Not only did I get to read a great book but got to read it before its release, now that is just freaking awesome, and so is Katherine Rochholz and her soon to be published novel, The Seven Deadlies!  This novel takes us into the world of a Hunter by the name of Kari, and the brutal world in which she is a part.  Katherine has a fantastic story on her hands and I for one cannot wait for the release.
Kari, as I mentioned, is a Hunter, which means all of the foul beasts of the earth are for her to hunt and send to hell where they belong.  Along the way Kari is killed and becomes a Guardian, which is a natural transition for a Hunter who is filled with revenge.  Once a Guardian, she is immortal, but with only half of her soul.  The other half is to be found in her soul mate, a man who is not only her mate for eternity, but is the anchor she needs from becoming a demon herself.
I really want to tell you so much more about this novel, but if I do I would be spoiling the entire experience.  The way in which Katherine tells Kari’s story is unique.  Kari is immortal and has lived for many years already by the time we are introduced to her.  She has frequent flashbacks and not only do they give us a glimpse into Kari’s past but they are also windows into world history.  With references to the Santa Maria and the American Revolution to name a couple, the reader is drawn into the story of this courageous woman.  She has battled alone for so many years, and now she comes face to face with her other half.  She no longer has to fight alone, and has a measure of happiness in her life.
I loved the novel and think that many great things await Katherine upon the release of her newest novel!  The Seven Deadlies is a must read for anyone, especially those who enjoy the injection of historical and religious references, and the book’s title suggests the seven deadly sins play a part.  But the way in which they are portrayed is completely different from anything I have read in recent years.  So, look for The Seven Deadlies to be released sometime this year!  I promise, you won’t be disappointed!  

R&M’s Interview with Author Katherine Rochholz!

R&M: Can you tell us an interesting fact about you, your writing, or anything at all?  Or, is there anything in particular you want the readers to know about you?

Katherine:  Me interesting?  I don’t ever really view the facts about myself interesting.  I have dark sense of humor, which oddly enough does not show up in my writing.  You think it would, but humor kind of gets lost in my writing.   I want to just apologize to my readers in advance for the ending of The Katy Lily Series, and A Guardian’s Life Saga.  I have them both written out, and I have decided on the ending and finally what happens when, now to just get it all down on paper.  In fact I have book 3 of the Katy Lily Series written out on paper, and so as soon as I get it typed out I can send it to the editor.  I have book 4 outlined, and I am working on Hunted, the little companion story that tells of Sandra and Antonio Sr.  I have 2 other books outlined for A Guardian’s Life Saga, one being the final book which is actually almost completely written and another started and outlined.  I have had death threats because of the Katy Lily ending already (There are about 3 people I tell everything to and one is happy, the other 2… Well does anybody want a job testing my food for poison?)

R&M:  When did you first know that writing was what you wanted to do as a career?

Katherine:  I never saw it as a viable option growing up, well when I was younger, I don’t think I will ever grow up.  I went to school majoring first in Chemistry and Biology with plans on going to Medical School, got accepted into a program and changed my major to Pre-Law, so my major really became Political Science and Chemistry with a double minor in Biology and English.  I sadly had to quit school before I got my BS because of some family issues; I went home and got a job in customer service.  I was angry for a long time because of that (I had just been accepted into Yale Law School contingent on the fact I got my BS).  Every time I was ready to go back things happened that prevented it.  Things I believe happen for a reason.  You just never know what that reason is until it shows itself.  My brother finally gave me the kick in the behind I needed to put my work out there.  Katy Lily was a verbal story that I started for him in 1993 (he only remembers the later years due to the fact he was born in 1993).  But he was the one that kept pushing me to put the story out there, and I did.  I haven’t looked back.  Though one day I might want to finish that BS degree for now I am happy just writing, and if people like my work then YAY!  Happy Dances for Kati!

R&M:  When you are working on a book, do you plan ahead, or do you let the story flow as you write?

Katherine:  Honestly it depends on the story, I have tried outlining, in fact Katy Lily is completely outlined, however many things took a turn and decided that the outline was not good enough, or that event needed to happen earlier, or push this one back.  Guardian’s Life started out as a short story, well more of a novelette, and grew.   So I say there is a mix of both.  But I do a lot of research, I make sure a lot of my facts are actual facts, I made a few things up, but a lot of what is in my stories have something based upon fact.

R&M:  Is there a special place in your home that you work at?
Katherine:  I work on my couch with my family around me.  Not that I can hear them, I wear headphones, but I feel a special type of calm when all my family is at home and I can see them. 

R&M:  Are any of your characters in your books based on people that you know in real life?

Katherine:  Yes and No.  I base a lot of my heroes and heroines on my parents, with a bit of me thrown in for good measure.  Riley in Katy Lily was based on who I thought my baby brother might have become, to what he has become.  In The Seven Deadlies Kari is based on me a lot, more than I ever thought would happen.  James is based on an old friend of mine, who sadly we had a fallen out and haven’t spoken in a long, long, long time.  Lucifer is based on someone, but I won’t tell you who, that is my little secret. 

R&M:  Do you have an interesting writing quirk? Maybe something that you have to do while writing or something that you have to do before you start writing?

Katherine:  I have to have music playing, if there is no music playing, I cannot write.  Not that I hear the music, mostly once I start writing I zone out, I swear WWIII could start on my doorstep and I wouldn’t know it.

R&M:  What is your opinion on Indie publishing versus mainstream publishing?

Katherine:  Being an Indie, I have to say I work a lot and most Indies I feel work a lot harder than those that mainstream publish, but each person has their own way of going about getting their work out there.  I could have gone with traditional publishing.  I had the contract, from more than one publisher, but they wanted me to change my work, more than I was willing to do.  My work tends to have a dark undertone, and they wanted something a little lighter.  I said no and published myself.  Will I ever go mainstream?  Don’t know hard to say, maybe I will, maybe I won’t.  But that being said I won’t change the underlying meaning or tone of my work to make a buck.

R&M:  Do you hear from your fans a lot? If so, what are some of the best & worst things that you have heard?

Katherine:  I wouldn’t say a lot, but every so often I will.  Best things I have heard are that they love my Katy Lily Series, and that is perfect.  A fan recently one a paperback copy of Truth and Lies Past and Present and was super excited and told me it will be going on the shelf next to her Harry Potter Collection.  It kinda still is shocking that my work will actually be sitting next to a famous author’s work somewhere in the world.  The worst thing a person ever told me is that my Katy Lily Series is just a Harry Potter rip-off.  I, to be honest, until recently never picked up the books, well I take that back I tried to start the first book when it first came out, I was in high school, but I was not interested.  I forgot that it even existed, and then the movies started coming out.  I paid no attention, not really my thing.  I have read the first 2 books now and they are quite good, but I don’t really seem much of a similarity, I mean yes both deal with a magic school and a powerful child, but in the end they each stand alone.  Oh and Katy Lily is a story started in 1993 before J.K. Rowling published Harry Potter.  We each started our magical stories around the same time, which actually quite fascinates me.

R&M:  What does your family think of your writing?

Katherine:  Most don’t have an opinion sadly.  My baby brother sometimes thinks that he created a monster, because I don’t spend my money on him anymore LOL.  My sister is my original beta reader; she reads everything before I even get a proof copy.  My cousin, an Indie writer himself, likes to pick it apart, which really annoys me.

R&M:  How has being published changed your life, if any way?

Katherine:  It hasn’t really changed my life, I have a few fans and that makes me happy, and I love when they message me or comment on a post that they love my stories.  But the main thing is it has made me more outgoing, more confident about who I am as a person.

R&M:  What are you currently working on?  We would love to know what is coming next from you.

Katherine:  I am working on Katy Lily book 3 which is actually Year 3 and the first half of Year 4; well at least it is right now it might change when it comes time to publish.  Also going to be writing a story I have outlined for NaNoWriMo in November, called Demonic Savior, I am kind of excited about this one it goes back to my love of Vampires, which I really haven’t focused on in any of my published works, even in From An Unholy Union, which is in Love Hate and the World Goes Round, it doesn’t focus solely on vampires.  Demonic Savior pretty much focuses on a newly turned vampire with a thirst for the blood of evil.  Here is the blurb: One moment of love, forever changes Dani.  She just was going to throw her sister, Malika, off at home.  She never thought there was a whole other world out there, until she joins it.  To protect her sister she gave her life.  She was killed.  She was changed, by a creature she thought of as fiction.  She is dead.  Well, undead.  But she does not thirst for mortal blood.  As a gift the powers the be, for her unselfish love, they changed her thirst.  She hungers for vampire blood, the blood of evil...and she will hunt them and destroy them with every fiber of her undead being... Before they destroy the very reason she still maintains her soul…Mialika…The daughter of a Virtue...and an Archangel…Dani must save her sister and the other children of the Angels to prevent the end of the world…In death she discovers the secrets of the past, in death she discovers her purpose in life…And in death she shall live…

R&M:  What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a writer?

Katherine:  Just write what you want to, don’t try to please everybody it doesn’t work.  And don’t give up.  If you give up you will regret it.  I didn’t write a word for 14 years, except for classes, just because one person didn’t like my work.  I regret that a lot, but then again, I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t lived through that.

R&M:  What was the hardest part of writing your book?

Katherine:  Getting it to meet my expectations.  I am very hard on myself, and though I want to share my work with everyone, sometimes I can verbally tell the story better than if I write it.

R&M:  What hardships have you encountered while writing your books?

Katherine:  Carpel Tunnel!  But seriously it is finding my research material; I generally have to buy online or travel to like Chicago, to find the books I need.

R&M:  What books (or authors) have influenced you the most during your career?

Katherine:  Everything makes an impact on a person.  Or it does me.  I can’t listen to a song, see a word, or read a book and not be changed somewhat.  It may not be major. It may just have taught me a new word, or introduced me to a new writing style.  But everybody influences me or makes an impact on me.

Fun Questions:

1. Favorite flavor of ice cream:  Mint Chocolate Chip.
2. Favorite color: I love dark deep reds and black.
3.Favorite animal: Snakes, Lizards, Cats.
4.Favorite season of the year:  Fall, I love the colors and the cooler temps, and Halloween.
5.Favorite Author: A Favorite author?? You expect me to pick one?? How dare you ask me this?? But okay…Edgar Allan Poe J
6. Favorite drink: Tequila…Oh…something non-alcoholic…Vanilla Coke…or Orange Juice and Cranberry Juice.
7.Favorite food: Chocolate
8.            Favorite Halloween Candy:  Liquid Blood, I love liquid candies

Character Interview with Kari from The Seven Deadlies!

 Katherine: So let’s start with this very simple question. What is your name?
Character: You know very well know what my name is Katherine Rochholz.
Katherine: Yes, I know I know, but let’s tell the lovely audience that will be getting to know you.  And tell them a bit about yourself.
Character: Fine.  My name is Kari.  *Door Opens*
New Character: And I am Lucifer.  *Kari Glares at Lucifer*
Katherine: Umm… Lucifer I didn’t invite you.
Lucifer: Oh, I promise to bother you and my lovely future Queen.
Kari: Don’t make me send you back to Hell Morning Star.
Lucifer:  Why don’t I take over the interview Katherine?
Katherine: Fine go ahead.
Lucifer: You should tell them your full name, love.
Kari: Don’t call me love.  Fine my full name is Katherine Marie Von Kampen.
Lucifer: I see that you are wearing that lovely top I love so much.  But would it really kill you to wear any dresses?
Kari: I can’t fight your demons in a dress.  Can’t you leave?  Did you forget we are fighting?  *Kari has a death glare on Lucifer*
Lucifer: So where is that annoying ‘soul mate’ of yours?
Kari: Healing from our last battle.
Lucifer: Let’s get to the big money questions.  When are going to come live with me, your true soul mate, in hell?
Kari: *Pulls out a knife*
Katherine: You know Lucifer I think you should leave!
Lucifer:  Fine.  Later, Katherine.  See you soon my love.  *Lucifer disappears*
Kari: I really don’t like him.
Katherine: Let’s get back to our standard interview shall we?
Kari: Whatever… Only reason I am here is because things have finally died down since The Deadlies Situation.
Katherine:  Speaking of the deadlies.  Which do you think is the worst?
Kari: By far Wrath.  He is an…
Katherine: Watch your language Kari.
Kari: He is a jerk.  Don’t get me wrong Pride is by far the most powerful, but Wrath won’t give up.  He holds grudges as well.  I really hope he isn’t Careia’s Soul Mate… I would have to kill him a few more times.
Katherine: What is your biggest fear?
Kari: I will lose the boys.   Asher and Killian have to live their own stories, I understand that, but they are going to go their own way again now that the deadlies are taken care of, and I worry.  And of course there is…
Katherine: Don’t give too much away Kari.
Kari: Oh, they don’t know?
Katherine: Not yet.
Kari: Oh… Well can I tell them about my lovely new toy?
Katherine: Oh yes, go ahead.
Kari: I was given this lovely sword by Lucifer.  It is very sharp, and very interesting.  It has his name branded in it; it is written in the angelic language of heaven.  It is his true name.  He was an angel at one time.  I think he forgets that… but off subject.  I love bows and arrows better, but nothing does a job quite like this lovely sword.  It takes down any demon it touches.  It makes my job quite easy.  I mean it doesn’t hurt to get dirty every so often I mean you know that I can…
Katherine:  Want to not go into gory details?  Let them discover it in your story.
Kari:  I am pleased you finally wrote my story.  I have been screaming it into your ear for years.
Katherine: Yes you have.  So, on a less serious note, where do you live?
Kari: All over the place!  I stay mostly in the United States; it has been my home since my natural death.  I own an apartment in the Hancock building; also I have an apartment that overlooks Central Park.  I also Have a home in the Hamptons.  When you are undead you learn to earn a dollar or two.  I also have a house in Iowa, not far from you in fact.  You always talk about leaving Iowa, are you?
Katherine:  Who knows?  But I wouldn’t mind your apartment in New York.  When did you enter America?
Kari: Well, I hoped The Santa Maria as a stowaway and then got on a small boat to what is the mainland USA, where I ran into the bloody thing that killed me.
Katherine:  Do you regret taking the Death Fairy up on its offer?
Kari: I regret that I didn’t ask more questions.  If I had known about the soul mate thing and cursing them to this life, I might not have chosen it.  But in the end I do not regret the decisions I made.
Katherine:  So to finish of this quick Interview just some fun questions: What is in your nightstand right now?
Kari:  Three guns, five knives, and a book on battle techniques and of course a few dozen books.  I think vampire books are funny… falling in love with a vampire!  That make me laugh, you can’t love a vampire; you cut of their heads and drag their bodies out into the sun or light the suckers on fire.  They are supposed to be crispy critters not some star cross lover.  Most vampires won’t even look at you before they kill you.
Katherine: Hey! I write vampire stories!
Kari: Oh I know; I live with those vampires!  They are sooooo annoying!  Dani I like though, she reminds me of me at her age. Very violent.  I am glad that you are pushing An Unholy Creation back for Dani’s Story Demonic Savior.  Katyla annoys me.
Katherine:  Well… Let’s get back on to finishing this interview.
Kari: Let’s. What is your next questions question?
Katherine: What is your favorite occupation?
Kari:  Well I have had many, many jobs.  I have been a Marine, a Nurse, a Doctor, a Stripper which by the way James did not like finding out, a Bartender, a Waitress, a Cop, a Firefighter, a Professor, the list goes on and on.  But the one I fit best in is the military.  Always Have, Always Will.  Those men and women they are the true heroes of the world.
Katherine: Couldn’t have said it better myself.  What is your most treasured possession?
Kari:  Besides my journals, the only thing I have left, besides my father’s ring that I gave James, of my mortal life is this necklace I wear.  You wear one like it as well.  The St. Bridget’s Cross.  It was given to me by a priest, he blessed it.
Katherine: One last question: What is your motto?
Kari: I don’t really have a motto, but I would say I do live by Semper Fidelis.
Katherine:  Very good motto to live by.  What would you like your final words to be to the readers?
Kari:  Remember this:  The Events Of Our Past Will Haunt Us Even In Death…