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Spotlight Feature on Inger Iversen and Her Debut Novel Few are Angels

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Wow!  This was an awesome read from start to finish.  Iversen did a wonderful job on her debut novel.

In Few are Angels, we meet Ella Monroe, a nineteen year-old who has recently dealt with the brutal death of her parents.  After their death, she begins having visions and hearing voices, so she is committed to a Psych ward called Ocean Trace for three weeks.  After leaving Ocean Trace, she moves in with some close friends of her deceased parents, where she will try to rebuild her life.

Things are tough living with the Carltons.  Everyone thinks that she is crazy, and treats her as this fragile little girl.  She tries to go on with her normal day to day life, but it's hard, especially since she is still having visions, and a return trip to Ocean Trace is the last thing that she wants.  One night, she sees two gorgeous boys fighting in the front yard.  Who are they?  What do they want?  She meets Kale, one of the boys, and she is instantly drawn to him.  He seems different, but he also seems to know a lot about her past.  Will he tell her everything?  Or is he going to hold back?  If he does tell her everything, will she be able to handle it?  Kale says he only wants to protect her, but what exactly is he so intent on protecting her from?

Here is a look at a couple of the other characters in the book.  Alex is Ella's longtime friend who is away at college.  Things would be so much easier for her if he was closer.  Mia is a snobby girl that Ella meets while working at Knope's grocery store.  Does she have the potential to be a friend?

What would you do if you had lost everything, and everyone around you just thought you were crazy?  How would you handle a total stranger coming into your life and telling you that he understood everything that you were experiencing and knew you never belonged in Ocean Trace in the first place?  How would you protect your loved ones when you didn't know what threat you were protecting them from?  If the need arose, would you be able to just walk away from the life you had just rebuilt?

There is so much more I want to tell you about this book, but I don't want to give anything away, so you will just have to read it yourself to find out more.  Just to warn you, though, this book ends on quite the cliff hanger.  I really enjoyed the Epilogue, because it gave us a look into each of the character's minds.

The story was definitely different from the rest.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves YA, paranormal romance, suspense, or just a good story all around!  5 out of 5 stars Inger Iversen, well done!

Book Blurb:

This paranormal romance told from the heroine’s perspective builds in intensity and intrigue to a finale you won’t see coming. Heart pounding action mixed with heartwarming friendships and heartbreaking romance will leave you breathless and begging for more.

After a fatal hit and run accident, Ella Monroe fears that she’s lost more than her beloved parents. Horrifying visions of a past life and a disturbing voice in her head have psychiatric professionals convinced that she’s lost her sanity as well. But when Kale--a dark and handsome stranger with a mysterious past--reveals the true meaning of her visions and the tremendous power she wields through them, Ella must come to terms with the devastating truths of her own past, while eluding an ancient Dark Prince who seeks to control not only her future, but all of mankind’s, by means of abilities that Ella is only beginning to understand.

Enter the shrouded world of an age old battle between an ancient race known as the Immortals and their bitter enemy Laurent, the so-called Dark Prince, who commands an army of half-breed vampires known as Chorý. Both sides have been desperately searching for the prophesied emergence of the Arc, a clairvoyant with unparalleled power to recall the past and a soothsayer with clear vision into the future.

The Council of Immortals has sworn to protect the Arc, whom they have identified as young Ella Monroe, a college freshman from Virginia living quietly and unaware of her powers or her past. But a renegade Chorý has other plans for the protection of a girl he has loved through the ages. Can Kale convince Ella of who she is, what she is destined to become, and what he once meant to her? Is he truly the best protector to shield the world from the devastating misuse of her powers that Laurent is bent on controlling? Or will the forbidden love they share and Kale’s cursed condition as a retched and hated Chorý be used against them both?

Interview with Inger Iversen
Can you tell us an interesting fact about you, your writing, or anything at all?  Or, is there anything in particular you want the readers to know about you?
I don’t know if this is interesting or odd, but my favorite holiday is Halloween, even though I hate scary movies or being scared with a passion.  I love the weather and the atmosphere, but most of all the love Halloween. Taking the kiddies out for treats and dressing up in traditional Dia De Los Muertos costumes. Oh yea, also the Mellowcreme pumpkins!

When did you first know that writing was what you wanted to do as a career?
I knew I wanted to be a writer when my aunt read me a bedtime story one night. While I enjoyed it, I hated the ending and I wanted to change it, so I did. I wrote short stories and even painted a few pictures to go along with them. As a child I didn't know that you could make a career out of writing so I planned to write for fun and then become a Ballerina, you know the typical dream of a five year old girl.

When you are working on a book, do you plan ahead, or do you let the story flow as you write?
When I wrote Few Are Angels I let it flow onto the computer. I knew my characters and where the story would take them so the only thing left to do was create their world around them.  Few Are Angels is a trilogy and though I knew how Ella and Kale’s story started and ended, I wasn’t sure of how they would make it from point A in the story to point B, so instead of overthinking it I just wrote.

Is there a special place in your home that you work at?
I love to write outside on my balcony or if I’m feeling super creative, I’ll lock myself in the bedroom and write.  I call this ‘hermit mode’ and luckily, my friends and family are really supportive when I get in this mood.

Are any of your characters in your books based on people that you know in real life?
I think in some cases rather I wanted to or not I placed some characteristics in my characters from friends and family. The best example of that is Mia.  Mia is bratty, overly opinionated but loveable and there is also Alex. Alex is the adorable heartthrob; the big brother type that everyone loves and he’s just like my baby brother.

Do you have an interesting writing quirk? Maybe something that you have to do while writing or something that you have to do before you start writing?
I have a playlist for Few Are Angels and Awakened my second book. Listening to music while writing  is a must because to me it sets the mood, calms me when I’m  anxious or excites me while I writing a scene that upsets me. While writing the scene where Ella and Kale first kiss I listened to Imogen Heap’s song called ‘Come Here Boy’ on loop with iTunes. It had to of played at least 20 times!

What is your opinion on Indie publishing versus mainstream publishing?
Since I’m a proud Indie, I can really only give my opinion on non-traditional publishing. I have to say, now that Kindle Direct Publishing, Upubit and Print on Demand companies like Createspace are out there, readers now have more options and not just what houses decided to throw at you with their thousands of dollars for advertising. Now, the publishing companies don’t have as much control over what we as readers have access to read. Take Amanda Hocking for example, she was turned down by 11 publishing companies before she self-published and because readers knew what they wanted and she had it to offer, she became a millionaire without the help of some big publishing company. I don’t know which of the two are better, traditional or non-traditional publishing, but I do believe that Print on Demand and services like KPD and Upubit are changing the game and they are opening the door that big publishing companies have kept under lock and key for so long.

Do you hear from your fans a lot? If so, what are some of the best & worst things that you have heard?
Oh man, I have fans that have begged me to get rid of my main character Kale in order to allow Alex and Ella to be together. I also had a person compare my work to Twilight, which is aggravating. Stephanie Meyers has no monopoly over vampires. LOL I love my fans and I’m very very grateful that I have any at all!

What does your family think of your writing?
My family loves that I am writing and wonder why it took me so long to start.

How has being published changed your life, if any way?
I think it has opened me up and left a nerve exposed. Before, I never cared what others thought of me because growing up you learn that not everyone will like you or your work. Now it’s different. Now, I’m asking people to purchase my work, so their opinion is important and it matters. Not only that, but I want my work to be reviewed well. I want my readers to love my characters the same way that I do.

What are you currently working on?  We would love to know what is coming next from you.
I have so many stories that I want to tell! My next novel which is the second book in the Few Are Angels called Awakened due to be released February 14th 2013. After that I will start a new series before finishing Few Are Angels called Ena’s Wolf. Here is a teenie tiny piece of the synopsis:
Ena’s Wolf Blackwood v. Moon
Part 1
When a man becomes a werewolf against his will the man is not wholly damned until he tastes human blood. In that instant, his soul is eternally damned and the eternal curse allows nothing to deliver his soul from the damnation of night. If the curse is placed upon him and he resists the call of human blood his immortal soul will still be damned and he may never pass the gates into Heaven or walk upon holy ground. Only when the curse is lifted shall his soul be free. – Sirah Moon

Fun Questions:
Favorite flavor of ice cream: Mint chocolate chip. The green colored ice-cream!!
Favorite color: Slate Blue
Favorite animal: Bunnies, I love bunnies!! Their widdle noses are so cute!
Favorite season of the year: Autumn!
Favorite Author: Only one?! Really? Okay, Elizabeth Chandler the author of Kissed by an Angel.
Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper, I am totally addicted to that soda.
Favorite food: CHINESE!!
Favorite Halloween Candy: Mellowcreme pumpkins! 

Inger Iversen was born in 1982 to Anne and Kaii Iversen. She lives in Virginia Beach with her overweight lap cat, Max and her tree hugging boyfriend Joshua. She spends 90 percent of her time in Barnes and Noble and the other ten pretending not to want to be in Barnes and Noble.

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